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May 4, 2009

I’d have stayed in Africa part 2!

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Who knows if this post will work, I spent 4 hours at it last night and could still not get it uploaded to ‘wordpress’ admittedly a good deal of that time involved drinking a little red number from Chile whilst trying to engage my guests in polite after cockerel conversation, nevertheless it was still an epic!


Being a Taurus I’m a great fan of May, quite apart from the fact that it’s my birthday month the weather is usually good. The dreaded midge is still not really biting and the bracken is still below knee height, so far however this May has been a bit of a disaster and does not look like improving in the foreseeable future. It’s only saving grace so far being the late arrival of the cuckoo yesterday, which at the 3rd of May is only one day behind the latest I’ve ever heard it at Arnish in 19 years. Why this pretty bird with the annoying voice and despicable parenting skills should leave the warm climes of North Africa for a cold, damp and breezy Scotland is beyond me but here he is and glad I was to hear him. Though by the time May is out I dare say he’ll be driving me nuts ansewring his own echo that bounces around the rocky slopes of North Raasay. Apart from that milestone of the year, wifey managed to get some potatoes planted and I started preparations for taking our 4 Tamworths to Dingwall on Monday.

First thing was to separate them from the others out on the hill and lead them into a small field on the croft. Once in there the trailer is set up as their shelter with a nice deep bed of rushes.

As it was pouring with rain and we had a house full of children and guests I sat in the trailer on the warm dry rushes and waited for the pigs to come in. I dont usually do this but i’m really fond of these 4 and it would be my last chance to give them a good old ‘belly rub’. Once they were settled I went into the garden to check on Pamela with the big udder! We’d not been absolutely sure that her lamb had been getting onto her huge teats so had caught her and put her in the garden to keep an eye on her. Normally we spend all our time trying to keep animals out of the garden but its proximity to the house meant that we’d be able to keep a closer eye on her. She seems dimmer than your average sheep and we’d already recovered this lamb out of a ditch in a remote corner of the croft.

The pair of them quickly got used to their new surroundings and Pamela the organic lawn mower got busy on the new grass.

I just hope the pair of them don’t get the runs from the rich food!


Well it’s been a long day so I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow but for now I’m off to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d have stayed in Africa

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I really don’t know where to start today ( Sunday ), I’m a day behind with my posting due to the pressure of work, what with the epic bathroom tiling and all our new arrivals on the croft but anyhow i’ll have a go. Saturday was more like a day in March than May with frequent wintery showers and a cold southerly breeze. I was up early and out feeding well before 7:00am. The lack of one of our Soay ewes at breakfast sent me out looking for her as she was the only one that had not lambed yet. Despite having an udder the size of Pamela Anderson for weeks this ewe has steadfastly hung onto her lamb for ages, today however she produced a fine ewe lamb.

The lamb was looking fit and healthy so I let them get on with it and headed south for the 7:55 ferry for Sconser and my new toilet ๐Ÿ™‚

Mainland delivery (eventually)

The 29th of March was when I ordered and paid ( well over ยฃ500 ) for this toilet/sink unit from which according to their catologue was ‘ready assembled’, having been promised delivery several times over the past month the fact that it had eventually arrived and I was despereate made me forgive them the fact that it had arrived in 7 boxes and not 2. However the lack of hinges for the toilet seat, taps and waste pipe for the sink, chipped cistern lid and poor finish left me fuming. Unfortunately this being the weekend meant that I could get little sense out of ‘’. Having said that lots of extra labour and determination enabled us to get the bathroom looking great and I’ll give them grief on Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ In between assisting with tiling and varnishing I went out to check on the ‘wee peeps’ that were living near the ‘new genny shed’, one of them appeared to have wandered out of the nest and died so I picked it’s lifeless body up to dispose of it. Much to my surprise, not long after I picked up his cold lifeless body it gave out a very weak peep! so I wrapped it in a sock and stuffed it under our stove in a yoghurt pot.

Despite him looking very dodgy, an hour or two by the stove in the kitchen had him chirping away merrily.

and we gave him back to mum who accepted him readily


A 5:30 start was essential to get the new WC plumbed in before the household rose, yesterday we’d laid the floor tiles but could not stand on them until today, so whilst the rest of the family was in bed I fitted the new pan and cistern. The rest of the day was spent doing some of  the fiddly jobs associated with a major bathroom refurbishment and plucking dinner.

Dinner being the ‘Golden cockerel’ that had been attacking everyone for weeks, I’d pulled his neck yesterday and left him hanging overnight ready for Sunday dinner. And if this picture offends anyone I’m sorry but this bird was pure vicious, he’d already taken a chunk out of the swineherd and had a go at my boy. If you are upset  by this photo please bear in mind that this chap had a full and happy life until he was killed by me and eaten by 3 young boys that hatched him and my dear wife  that fed him! 

Whilst not the neatest trussing and cooking job it brought a tear to my eye to see the boys devour this bird with such enthusiasm. Me, I’d be quite happy if all the world was was vegetarian, but it aint so when a bunch of 10 year old children can relate to the fact that something has died to provide them with a meal it fills me with hope for the human race ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really sorry but once again wordpress/avanti have gone pear shaped on me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

There is more but I need my bed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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