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April 24, 2009

Loopy lambs

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Reluctant, that just about sums my mood up this morning as the rain was lashing on the ‘Velux’ window and even the cockerel seemed to start his doodle with a gurgle! Not a breath of wind and rain coming down like stair rods 😦 Still at least the hydro turbine would be doing well even if solar power and wind energy were in short supply today. First job after my ritual coffee and internet hit was to go and check out the twin Soay lambs, they were only born yesterday and already they’re showing different characteristics. The black was is bold fearless and daft (obviously a guy)  the brown one is very cautious and does not like the rain (probably a girl 🙂 ) both they and mum were fine so I headed off down ‘Calum’s road’ after first battling with the croft gate and 7 piglets all on the other side of it trying to get in, the gate opens outwards and pigs don’t like walking backwards! I swear they are getting stronger every day but once I’d poured 8kg of feed in a long line down the side of the drive they last interest in me and got on with breakfast.

The pouring rain meant that my deck painting had to be put on hold and I was glad that I’d managed to get one coat on yesterday before the weather broke. The forecast for the rest of the shift and beyond according to UKWind looked good so I left that for now and scuttled down below until lunch time to do some tinkering with the sewage plant.

More ‘Lego’

During my break I had a run over to the passing place by the which is now being managed by  who with a true fighting spirit seem to be making the best of what would have seen many other enterprises curl up and die
From my high vantage point I had a good, if not distant view of the big Kobelco positioning one of the 20 ton concrete blocks on the new harbour wall

Once in position out came the tape measure just to make sure 🙂

I suppose it’s a bit like laying tiles, if you get one a little bit out it sends the rest of them more and more wonky, anyway I think that’s at least 20 more of them in position and it’s really starting to take shape.

The rest of the day was as grey and damp as the first half with Skye living up to it’s name of Eilean a’ cheo, the misty isle and the ‘driech’ weather discouraging travellers.

And this was one of the drier intervals as we left Sconser and could at least see some of Glamaig, one of the red Cuillins.

A little light relief to the day was provided by this fine lamb stuck in the old iron ore hopper. He could get out fine only he did not know it untill some ‘two legs’ came and chased him 🙂 That was it really, well apart from seeing these two shifty charecters stealing picnic tables on the way home!

Seriously though Sandy and Calum were out in the pouring rain  putting out tables for tomorrows 8mile sponsered ‘Marie Curie’ fun run on Raasay

So with about 70 ( I hope I got that right ) people taking part it promises to be a busy and successful event especially as the forecast is good. The rest of the drive home was punctuated by a few rabits and a couple of grouse and I arrived home just after 20:00 being almost able to see the Storr!

And now I’m off to bed!

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