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April 23, 2009

No cuckoo but a sparrowhawk instead!

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This could be a short one as in my desperation to make things work I’m trying out an ‘offline’ blogging ‘add on’ by Firefox my preferred browser. It seems to be working well but it’s taken me until 22:00 to get this far and I’m wilting!

The day so far

Anyway here goes, the day got off to a fine enough start with me checking on our fine pair of twin Soay lambs

before feeding the 4 ‘Tammies’ and 3 ‘Spotties on the hill then heading down ‘Calum’s road’ to work. Arriving at Sconser around 8:10 we were greeted by a full car deck of commercials, vans and cars. The first lorry in the queue being fully loaded with only 15 tyres on board!

but they were SERIOUS tyres destined for fendering at the harbour construction site. The rest of the morning was quite busy with more commercials  and lunch time was upon us before we knew it. I managed to snap a few pictures of my favourite crane in action on the new pier

I’m not sure what was going on but it looked like there were two guys in the water  and you can see the Portree fishing boat ‘Golden Rule’ heading north in the background. The 14:30 sailing after lunch was full and the ‘tyre lorry’ left full of BIG anchors!

Just as I finished my spell up in the wheelhouse at 15:30 the ‘Ronja Pioneer’ a Norwegian ‘well boat’ headed south with a full load on board

These fine looking and well kept boats service the local salmon farms, delivering and harvesting fish as well as doing net changes and lice treatments. We see 3 of them around here the ‘Ronja Skye’, ‘Ronja Viking’ and this one the ‘Ronja Pioneer’ They are all crewed by Norwegians and are immaculate or at least they were when I was i called out a few years ago to clear the propellor on one of them at the Portree fish farm. It had a net caught in its bow thruster and I went to cut it out. Not only was it spotless above the waterline it was even spotless below!

And whilst I’m rarely out of sight of these two mountains, Ben Tianavaig in the foreground and the Storr beyond, they never cease to impress me. This was them around 17:00 as the sun was casting longer shadows. Anyway so far so good with the ‘Scribefire’ the rest of the day was spent doing some painting on deck and listening for the cuckoo, which had been heard yesterday on Raasay, when I finally arrived home around 20:00 there was no sound or sight of the cuckoo but this lightning quick predator was dealing with my pigeon problem

And I know the photo is cr4p but that is a sparrowhawk in the fading light under a hawthorn bush in my garden

and he or she has just killed and is busy eating a pigeon which is much larger than itself, the last time I looked about 21:00 it was still munching away though there was not much left other than bones and feathers! These little birds are magnificent hunters with their distinctive flight which can take them low and fast through wire fencing. I’ve seen a few at the south end of Raasay and the odd one at Tarbert but this is the first one I’ve seen at Arnish and what a privilege it was!


Well it needs a bit of work ( I need to post the pictures smaller) and there’s no ‘spellcheck’ but it’s certainly quicker 🙂

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