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April 14, 2009

Back on track

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Right that’s it the banana’s are finished and I’ve a whole week of croft and bathroom related stuff ahead of me but first I’ve a little catching up to do. If you’ve just joined me then I appologise for the lack of continuity, things are usually in order. The grammar, spelling and rambling are always bad but at least it’s usually in chronological order. The last week ( banana week that is ) has been chaotic to say the least, my weeks start on Wednesday and finish on Tuesday, I’ve just finished my working (banana) week and I’m about to start my rest (bacon) week. So called because I take 7 banana’s to work to remind me what day it is, not because I’m so vacant that I don’t know what day it is, more because unlike the majority of people I actually like my job and am quite often keen to get back to it after a week on the croft 🙂 The bacon, well that’s because my ‘rest’ week is usually full of pig related business which on the whole is much more physical than being a ferryman and requires much more than a bowl of muesli with a banana to see me through the day. So what I’ll do is just post some pictures that I took over the week and didn’t get time to fit in.

For sale

MV Hebridean Princess

Never been raced or rallied!

Only two careful owners and her current operators having gone into liquidation

Apparently she’s still going to be doing her cruises that are booked and there has been interest from prospective buyers which is good because I’d miss her. She was one of the last boats built at Hall Rusell in Aberdeen and was even booked by the queen for her 80th birthday celebrations.  She sailed past on Monday heading south towards Kyle.

Simple things

Sorry but I’ve just rewound to a wet Good Friday morning which seems like a million miles away after all the wall to wall sunshine of late ( I’m just trying to sort out my pics ) Regular readers will know I spend a good deal of my working week wielding a paint brush or 4″ roller to be more precise. The motorman who I’d relieved on Wednesday morning had made a fine start on undercoating the ‘forward voith space’ ( technical jargon for the room where the propeller thingy and sewage plant lurk ) so being as it was miserable on deck I thought I’d go and continue his good work, to my utter amazement and delight this is what I found

More than one use for a latex glove!

OK I know it’s only a paint roller inside a latex glove but it’s been in there for days and it’s still soft! Thank’s Kenny you made my day, and apparently it works with brushes too! So armed with the roller I set about painting the ‘deck head’ (technical jargon for boats ceiling) only to discover my new £70 steel toe boots were getting splashed


Inspired by the man from Crinan’s ingenuity I slid my DeWalt steel toe caps into a pair! It worked a treat and whilst not strictly part of the corporate image it  did make a customer or two smile,  which reminds me of another trick that I picked up from a shipmate. If you ever want to get a pair of overalls or waterproof trousers on quickly without taking your boots off, stick your foot in a carrier bag first 🙂 OK I know it’s not rocket science but it’s the simple things in life often make the most difference!

Wildlife safari/ drive to work

I dunno how many times I’ve driven the 11 miles from Arnish to the Raasay ferry terminal but it must be more than any man alive or dead,  it must be thousands and I still enjoy it! no two journeys are the same and I will have made most of them in my 1986 Land Rover. Today was no exception, though it was daylight and it wasn’t raining which makes the experience so much more pleasurable, after feeding the pigs on the hill I headed down ‘Calum’s road’ armed with a camera and an insulated cup of  coffee.


Stopping briefly at the end of ‘Calum’s road’ to admire the sun rise over the old seat of the clan Macleod at Brochel. A couple of miles further on at Glam

3 Stags

I saw these three chaps, the two larger ones had their antlers locked together at one point but didn’t appear to be aggressive with each other.


Just after the stags I spotted this lapwing at Glam, the lapwings seem to have been a bit of a success story up here as they seem to be on the increase, I saw 14 in a group a few weeks ago around the same place.

The day at work was the usual Tuesday rush of finishing everything off and cleaning up for the next crew, the crew are allways in good spirits on Tuesday and today the sunshine and extra traffic generated by all the ‘Times’ readers made the day fly by 🙂 honestly the purser was grumbling at the amount of cash we’d taken! 🙂 seriuosly though it was a lovely day and I almost wished I’d been out in my own boat clam diving again. Well if I still had a boat and I was 10 years younger that is, anyway whilst I was dreaming about fishing again the ‘Golden Dawn’


and the  ‘Serene’


had been hard at it and were landing their fresh catches of prawns at Sconser ready for live shipment to the restraunts of Spain. Me I just finished off my day on the Loch Striven and headed home to a beautiful sunset over an old bus at Glam!


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