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April 1, 2009

Back out the bedroom window!

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I think I must be one of those people that give off some kind of aura that breaks things, as everything that I have that contains any electronics inexplicably self destructs. Camera’s, mobile phones, computers, cookers, and of course cars 😦 The latest casualty being my satellite broadband connection which yet again died just as the helpline closes 😦 so I find myself once more sitting on the bed with my dongle hanging out of the window trying to upload this at a measly 53.6kbps via the mobile phone mast at Staffin about 12 miles away.

Very Clammy

So if it’s light on pics or they’re a bit small just click on them to enlarge and if I suddenly dissapear it’s because I’ve fallen asleep as I’ve just got myself very comfortable. The last time I resorted to the dongle and the bedroom it was freezing up here with a westerly gale blowing through the opened Velux. The window must have something in that stops the phone signal as it just won’t work this side of the glass meaning I’ve got to hang it outside in a polythene bag. On that occasion a regular follower pointed me here,6529.0.html as a means of improving my mobile phone connection which may be much slower but it seems far more reliable, anyway enough of that. I did not post yesterday because I went straight to bed after work in a huff 🙂 well not so much a huff as a fit of depression, let me explain.

The day was a pure peach and what’s more it was a Tuesday which is my last day on the good ship Loch Striven and I was for the vast majority of my working day in an annoyingly good mood. I’d finished most of the weekly and monthly maintenance on what was a miserable Sunday and was busy painting things on the upper decks

OB 11 clam dredger

OB 11 clam dredger

which gave me a fine view of the world around me. Not even the sight of this clam dredger ripping up the sea bed with his steel dredges could put me in a bad mood. If anyone other than the odd diver had seen the death and destruction left in the wake of this fishing method I’m sure it would have been outlawed or at least restricted to off shore waters years ago.



Far better to use the hand picked method favoured by the divers on board this boat which was today giving the Raasay narrows a wide berth as not only does the clam dredger destroy all in its path it stirs up the sea into a pea soup for hours.  So with March going out like a lamb, the primroses in bloom, a couple of eagles flying over the mine buildings, an otter swimming under the pier and me almost finished work I was to say the least in a good mood, well I was until Highland motors phoned to say that only could they not fix wifey’s car but niether could Kenny’s garage in Dunvegan where they’d just taken it for me 😦 This realy put a downer on my day and I’d a vision of yet more money flowing down the toilet! Or should I say was wondering if I realy should have bought that new toilet to match the bath before fixing wifey’s car 🙂 So worn out and not even having any wine in the house to drown my sorrows I went to bed at 8:30!

and whilst it’s only 10:00pm now I’m going to bed!

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