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March 28, 2009

Racing through Saturday

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Literally, it took me so long to write yesterdays effort that I’m running out of steam for Saturday’s report. I have to say it got off to a very unpromising start with snow lying on the bedroom Velux window and severe lack of enthusiasm on my behalf. After the usual half gallon of fresh coffee but without the customary bashing of computer keys I set off for work via my 8 piglets on the hill! All of whom were quite rightly in their beds.

Remnants of the gale

Remnants of the gale

Although the wind had abated the sea had not and there was still a good swell pounding up the shore at the wee cove where I used to keep my boat a few hundred yards down ‘Calum’s road’ from our house. Continuing on my way southwards through the flurries of snow I again took the ‘low road’ through Oscaig to have a look at the new harbour.

Finished ramp?

Finished ramp?

And it looked to my untrained eye as if the ramp for ‘Luke skyhook’ and his big crane was finished 🙂

Harbour works 28/3/09

Harbour works 28/3/09

Being far too busy recording the progress of Raasay’s new harbour for posterity I let the rest of the crew overtake me and winch in the Loch Striven which was lying at the extremities of her many mooring ropes under the pressure of a good breeze from the north east. The poor weather yesterday and the inauspicious start today had led me to continue working down below in the warmth but apart from the bitter cold wind on the whole it turned into a bonny day most of which I spent working on the starboard upper deck and emergency battery box.

The hardiest tree I know!

The hardiest tree I know!

Though I did go and have a look at this tree that never ceases to amaze me, growing as it does on the remains of the pier, suck out at sea with its roots in a crack between two planks just feet above the waves. Actually I went to see if I could snap a picture of the otter I’d just seen climb onto the pier whilst we were tying up at 11:45.

Glamaig in a mood

Glamaig in a mood

Although I never saw the otter the view of Glamaig more than made up for it and that wee tree in the previous pic is growing on the end of that pier! aint nature marvelous?

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