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March 21, 2009

First shower in 20 years!

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Very quick one tonight because firstly I’m wrecked and secondly I’m researching solar hot water systems to power the new bath I’ve just fitted today. Well, I say new it’s £600 worth of ‘P’ shaped bath and a toughened glass shower screen that’s been languishing in the garden shed for over 4 years! I bought it when they were all the rage in a sale reduced from £900 and have just got around to fitting it. Which is criminal really because my old cast iron bath had to be seen to be believed. It was in pretty poor shape 20 years ago when I moved here and I swear the previous owner had been using it to dip sheep and wash paint brushes but I was poor then and thought I’d have a go at cleaning it, after trying all the usual cleaners, soaking it in bleach and scrubbing it with vinegar all to no avail I purchased some stuff that was gauranteed to do it. I can’t remember it’s name but you diluted it and let it soak in the bath for a specified time, sure it cleaned it OK but left the surface of the bath like orange peel. This had the advantage of making the bath very ‘non slip’ but the severe disadvantage of being very difficult to clean and leaving your bum feeling like you’d been sitting on sand paper! After putting up with this for several years my second ploy was to paint it with ‘International’ 2 pack yacht paint which was fine for a couple of years until it started to lift and leave huge flakes of very hard and sharp paint lying in the bottom of the bath. I never intended fitting the new one today, it just started off as removing some of the paneling off the old bath whilst it was a bit damp outside and evolved into a full blown plumbing nightmare from which there was no return.


I had intended to fit the bath before I went back to work on Wednesday and had indeed purchased all I thought I’d require from to at least get the bath fitted and the shower working ready for tiling on my next week off, years of experience have taught me never to start a job like this on Saturday when all the plumbers and builders merchants close at lunch time but did I take any notice of ‘mr experience’ ? what do you think. Needless to say the resulting lack of vital components added several hours on to what should have been a straight forward job. The job was made even harder by several small but important bits that were missing or lost in the various moves it made around the shed during the last 4 years.


Though eventually I got it in enough to have a bath and my first ever shower at ‘The end of the road’


OK I know the taps are in the wrong place but the right place ( in the middle of the bath ) struck me as being the ideal spot for catching your dangly bits on as you were getting in and out of the bath so I put them at the end where the shower screen is. It will probably take me another 20 years to finish it but we’re getting there 🙂

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