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March 17, 2009

The ‘press gang’ cometh!

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It really has been a pure peach of a day in more ways than one and I was up this morning well before our cockerals. You will notice I use the plural there instead of the more common singular, well not for long as I think the spare ones will be turned into dinner shortly. One male bird is plenty, he keeps the girls in order, protects them, looks lovely and ( if your a morning person 🙂 ) sounds, well sounds very rustic. Two or more fight, give the girls a hard time and compete in the noise stakes and whilst I’ve kept hens for a couple of years I’ve never actually eaten one of my own yet so I’ll keep you posted on developements 🙂 Anyway as I was saying it was an early start and after a bit of plonking away on here I went out to have a look at Braken and her 5 wee boys who were all doing fine and then went to have a look at the hydro turbine which had died during the night.

Bit of a blockage!

Bit of a blockage!

It was nothing serious just some frog spawn and some clods of earth pushed in by the pigs and I had it sorted in a couple of mins. Regular followers may think that I’m always doing this but it’s only happened a handful of times over the last 6 months, is very easy to sort and on the whole a very reliable supplement to our ‘Proven 2.5kw’ wind turbine. Unlike the much larger wind turbine the ‘200w Navitron’ high head water turbine produces it’s full output 24/7 at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunatly not many people have an adequate water resource they can tap in to.

She’s going to kill me!

It wasn’t the lack of hydro power that awoke me early, the concern for my recently farrowed pig or even the excitement of my last day at work! It was I’m sad to admit the prospect of appearing on behalf of my employer in the ‘Times’! Melanie Reid does a regular column in the said publication and has on several occasions ‘shadowed’ workers in their daily toils. Now whilst I’m no fan of Rupert Murdoch and his media empire I do regard the Times as a very serious and well balanced oracle so was over the moon to be asked to participate in this interview.  As far as Fox news goes I’d only watch it for a laugh and the Sun newspaper is restricted to fire lighting and bum wiping duties along with the News of the World but the Times, well I think he must have bought it for an air of respectability 🙂 but what do I know? I only listen to John Humphries and James Nocherty (is that how you spell it?) every other week and I rarely watch the TV!

Anyway, Just as arranged Melanie and her camera man James were waiting at Sconser when we bearthed at 8:20 and proceeded to ‘keep an eye on me’ for the rest of the morning.

Serious photography!

Serious photography!

James proceeded to take hundreds of photos and was for a little while at least assisted by fellow camera enthusiast and oyster fanatic George 🙂 Whilst I was posing for all these piccies the guys were wittering on about lens’s, infra red, wireless flashes an F stops. Me I just kept smiling! Once the morning runs were out of the way and we tied up for lunch I took my guests on a tour of the Loch Striven

A tight squeeze!

A tight squeeze!

Paying particular attention to the difficult to access spaces and the sewage plant 🙂

She really is going to kill me!

She really is going to kill me!

“I hope this isn’t going on the blogg”, well what can I say?, I did the risk assesment and it seemed like a good idea!

Seriously though it was A most enjoyable  day and I look forward to reading the Times for the second time in my life! Just as Melanie and James left I spotted this chap.

Richard and his BMW GSE

Richard and his BMW GSA

He was waiting in the queue at Sconser and had the air of a serious biker about him, turned out he was one of the hero’s that will be doing the ‘Calum’s road’ to The Gambia trip next year

and had come up from Liecestershire  for a recce.

And that’s it for tonight guys, it’s after 11:00 and time for a last glass of red and bed 🙂

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