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March 16, 2009

Very grey

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A truly miserable start to the week, well the normal persons week that is because for me it’s almost over 🙂 I was up early to sort out a few things for wifey’s car and to check on Braken our Tamworth sow that had just farrowed on Saturday  before heading down a very grey ‘Calum’s road’ and on to work.

Grey dawn

Grey dawn

As usual on my 11 mile commute to work the only traffic on the road was 4 legged and woolly, well apart from the low flying grouse that is. Monday was as usual very busy with returning harbour workers and builders associated with the village hall. Me I spent most of what was an uninspiring morning down below painting, firstly because it was warm and dry and secondly because Melanie Reid from the Times is coming to shadow me for the day as part of a regular column she does about people at work so I must remember to switch on my ‘Tourette filter’ on 🙂

March 1990

As not a great deal happened and I need to do some more research on solar water heating I just had a quick look at some of my diaries. This time 19 years ago my first winter at Arnish was coming to an end and I was in the middle of a bout of early lambs. For those of you south of the border the middle of March won’t seem early but it is up here and just to make matters worse when it was not raining it was snowing! Having bought a dozen Black face ‘Gimmers’ ( young sheep that have not had a lamb yet ) last year which had been ‘got at’ early by my mates fence jumping tup I was now faced with quite a few twins much earlier in the year than was good for them. Gimmers can be a bit dim when having their first lamb and mine were no exception so a few died but I managed to split up some of the twins and put them onto sheep that had lost lambs. It was a VERY steep learning curve for a motor mechanic from Accrington!

March 1991

The following year around this time I was busy preparing my new boat ‘Sylvia Jean’ for it’s first seasons fishing as well as mending fishing gear and getting my van ready for MOT. No mention of any lambs yet so I must have managed to keep my sheep away from any rams last year!

March 1992

By now the fish farm was up and running in Loch Arnish and I was doing a bit of diving work for them looking for a sunken boat! Once I found it I got the job of lifting it and repairing it.

And that’s about it for tonight, sorry but I’ve got to look at ‘evacuated tubes’, solar coils and other baffling things on tinternet 🙂


  1. Solar hot water heating, are you sure?

    If you have enough spare electricity you might find an air source heat pump a more reliable solution for the Skye climate.

    Comment by ruleboy — March 16, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

  2. Hi Ruleboy,

    our spare electricity is spare at the wrong time 😦 Ideally we should put all our spare into a huge thermal store but for now I’m just looking of a way to cut down on the oil stove that heats our water in the summer.

    Cheers, Paul

    Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — March 16, 2009 @ 11:11 pm

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