Life at the end of the road

March 2, 2009

Uninspired 2

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I did start the day full of enthusiasm, leaving home at 6:30 just as it was getting light and upon arriving at work got ahead of myself by finishing off the weekly maintainance a day early. The day was reminiscent of the busy Mondays before the tragic fire at Raasay House and for the first time in weeks we left some traffic at Sconser. However as the temperature dropped and the wind freshened my enthusiasm waned especially as the forecast was for snow tomorrow.

A sign of things to come!

A sign of things to come!

And by the time we left Raasay at 15:30 it looked like a little had arrived early on Glamaig. Once home I looked for inspiration in my diaries from 1990/1/2 but found none, they all had one thing in common for this time of year, SNOW ! and on that note despite the fact it’s not even 9:30 I’m going to bed!

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