Life at the end of the road

February 28, 2009

Jamie’s fine :-)

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The panic is over as far as our Gloucester Old Spot sow Jamie Lee goes, by the time I was ready for setting off down ‘Calum’s road’ for work both she and Ginger our Tamworth boar were waiting to be fed. Normally I would leave it too wifey as 6:30 is far too early but I wanted a good look at her back end and the only way to gaurantee her cooperation was to feed the pair of them. All seemed normal in the sows naughty bits so I hastened to work with a spring in my step seeing three large stags in the woods past the youth hostel and a group of about 6 hinds on the road in the village! They were just by the gates at the entrance to the old gravel pit and I stopped to watch them jump over it one by one, each waiting patiently for the other to leap nimbly over before doing so itself. one of the younger ones had to have two attempts and one gave up and ran straight towards me disappearing into the woods to my left at the last moment. The day at work was pretty quiet on the traffic front yet again but to wet to do any painting outside so I busied myself with month end paperwork and stock checks.

Atlas marine tug Hermes

Atlas marine tug Hermes

The ex Swedish navy icebreaker tug Hermes headed south in the morning

Cement 'pig'

Cement 'pig'

towing this ex US army barge with a container on board for cement.

During a dry spell which coincided with my lunch break I headed over to the village hall to remove a few more aluminium sheets off the old caravan there. The site was closed for the weekend but Lachie and his team had obviously been very busy since my last visit a couple of days ago.

Gabian baskets

Gabian baskets

The Gabian baskets were nicely filled with some nice top soil behind

weekend break

weekend break

and the road/car park foundations were looking good. Other things did happen involving returning exiles,wifey taking the ‘Old girl’ to Kyle and then chasing piglets around the croft but the satellite broadband seems to be in a bit of a mood tonight and it’s taken me over 2 hours just to write this so I’m going to call it a night and settle down with my first glass of red in a week 🙂

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