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February 13, 2009


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It’s 5:00am on Friday and I never got rond to posting last night because my ‘Outlook Express’ threw a wobbly leaving me emailess. No big deal in the grand scale of things but I spent all night trying to get it working and being completely inept in the IT department got nowhere. Well actually I did manage to get somewhere because no I can send but not receive mail so it looks like Lister the laptop will be spending the day with Raasay’s computer wizard whilst I continue my labours on the Loch Striven.

Thursday 12th Feb

During the early hours of Thursday morning a gale of south wind appeared out of nowhere, probably arrived around 4:30am when I awoke to the sound of lashing rain on the bedroom window. I say nowhere because I’d checked the forecast just before going to bed and there was no sign of any wind on either UKWind or ThW both of which are very good. When I had a look at them at 6:00am however they’d both changed their mind and said it would be windy until around 9:00am but XC said 28knts and Theyr agreed so I was quite surprised when starting up the ferry at 7:15 to see the wheelhouse annemometer reading 36knts and the slipway looking decidedly frothy. Fortunately by sailing time at 8:00 it had moderated though not before delivering  one final dying breath of 46knts!. Whilst not actually cold the wind made it feel that way so I buried myself in the engine room tinkering with one of the generators and doing some more painting under the floor plates.


Now when the Mairi Bahn IV left Portree to head southwards she must have got a fair hammering because as we came back in to the Raasay slip at 8:45 she was hauling velvet crab gear just by the old forestry slip.


The tide had turned by now  the wind dropped to a gentle breeze and ‘Yogi’ followed us back to the mouth of loch Sligachan in his 26′ Cygnus Cylone.

Marie Bahn IV

Marie Bahn IV


As soon as we’d tied up for lunch I went over to the beach in front of the ferry to ‘rescue’ a fish cage float that had been deposited there by the wind and tide.

Hen house, pig house and a 1001 uses!

Hen house, pig house and a 1001 uses!

These plastic floats that sadly with the popularity of circular plastic cages are now becoming scarce have a multitude of uses from baths to boats and from hen houses to gas bottle covers and coal bunkers so I wasted no time in lifting it. Then it was round to collect another pig ark

Luxury pig housing

Luxury pig housing

in the form of a 1200lt oil tank. There must be hundreds of these ‘Balmoral’ oil tanks somewhere that are split or splitting now and they make fantastic arks or kennels. They were made using poor quality plastic from a supplier in Switzerland covering a period of several years starting about 10 or 12 years ago. They did try to keep it quiet and wriggle out of their liability but ended up having to replace hundreds if not thousands. I’m only guessing at the figure but when you consider that at least 6 of these tanks have been replaced on Raasay it gives you an idea of how many were involved.

Affected area just above the seam

Affected area just above the seam

Anyway they make two fantastic arks once cut in two and cleaned out and now I’d better go to work!


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    How things. Could you email me you email, I do not seem to have it.
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    Comment by john macbeth — February 16, 2009 @ 10:29 am

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