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December 30, 2008

Squiffy piglets

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Well yesterday was another peach of a day here at the north end though it was preceeded by a hard frost which meant that watering was again a bit of a chore. An early start being required to get the two boys ready for going away, the two boys being pigs destined for a customer in Portree and not my son and his pal who were still in bed!

The two boys

The two boys

I’d already been feeding them in the trailer the day before so they went in the trailer no bother and off we went for the 9:00am ferry.

Sunrise over Kyle

Sunrise over Kyle

The sun rising over Kyle being far more spectacular than this grainy picture which I took from Brochel depicts. As I’d left the rest of the family in bed without leaving a note saying I’d fed everyone the pigs got fed twice! Still it was very cold and the pigs weren’t complaining. Though Brambles 12 piglets could have done without it as they’ve got the runs which quite often happens when piglets are weaned if you feed then too much, usually a reduction in rations cures it then the feed must be gradually increased. We’ve been doing this for a few days now but as soon as the feed’s upped they get the runs again so while I was away with the boys the swineherd wormed them which can be interesting to say the least with a dozen ginger piglets that all look the same!

More water woes

The hard ground and lack of water has also been responsible for a lack of water both in the house and through the water turbine, whilst we still have water in our tanks that the supply the house there’s none actually going into them. So we’re on restricted baths, toilet flushing and washing machine use as there seems to be no end in sight to this fantastic spell of weather. My 200w Navitron water turbine is only producing about half it’s out put but my friends ‘Harris Turbine’ inlet pipe must have frozen at some point causing an air lock. His intake’s at a much higher altitude so I spent the afternoon with him bleeding it and by the time we finished the sun was setting over the hills to the south of Loch Arnish.

Loch Arnish sunset 29/12/08

Loch Arnish sunset 29/12/08

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