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December 15, 2008

Things could be much worse part 2

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As is often the case with my chaotic life I get easily distracted and wander off on to other jobs, which is what happened yesterday. I had planned to tell you about the hole in the wife’s piston and the exploding paint tin but just ended up harping on about our pork! So I’ll try and get back on track, I don’t know what it is about this time of year but things really do have a habit of going pear shaped, last year just before Christmas, Ginger our boar got depressed, fell in a ditch and almost drowned. Just to make it worse my boy was at the panto in Inverness and I was in dry dock with the Loch Striven so wifey was all on her own, 10 miles from anywhere with 250kg of Tamworth boar lying in a ditch full of water with just his nostrils sticking out like two snorkels! Fortunately two knights in shinning armour turned up and they manged to get the water flowing past him, cover him in blankets and hot water bottles and eventually assist him out. Ginger got the pig version of ‘man flu’ and moped about like he was about to die until he saw the hypodermic syringe whereupon he took off like a rocket and suddenly got much better! The week before that the back boiler burst flooding the newly laid kitchen floor and covering everything in soot and heating oil


and on the 22nd of December a gale of wind picked up a large heavy 3′ x 4′ plastic lid which tore out the fuel pipe from our newly filled oil tank and deposited the contents in our garden! So when I finally got around to checking the compression on the wee car yesterday and discovered what was probably a hole in number 3 piston I was not surprised. Now most families will tell you that they ‘need’ two cars when in fact what they actually mean is we don’t like walking anywhere or using public transport, well we really do need two cars when I’m working, either that or I take my boy to school at 7:00am and pick him up 12 hours later, which for a 9 year old, even by my standards is a little harsh. If we were only 2 or 3 miles away from school I’d make him walk but at well over 10 miles he’d have to set off at 6:00 to get there for 9:00! So imagine our delight when ‘Buffalo Bill’

Keep clear of this truck!

Keep clear of this truck!

offered us the use of his truck whilst he was busy pouring concrete for Balfour Beatty, he might not be red hot in the rabbit shooting department but he’s a heart of gold! So if your on Raasay and you see a large black and silver truck heading your way with no driver inside don’t panic it’s just an illusion, there is someone in there you just can’t see her for the steering wheel!


Well it really was a typical west coast winter day, barely daylight at 8:00am, southerly wind and lots of rain, after doing the school run I set about repairing the wiring on our hydro turbine that had been chewed by a very lucky pig. With that done and the turbine up and running again it was an afternoon of road repairs.

road repairs

road repairs

This (cr4p) pic was taken at 3:00pm and already it’s getting dark,  I really must go and spend some quality time with the person in the yellow oilskins as it’s 10:00 pm now and I’ve been stuck on this laptop for hours, my eyes are hurting and I’ve not even got onto the exploding paint tin but I’ll finish it off tomorrow.

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