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November 17, 2008

The whole day in a puddle!

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I really can’t see what it is about puddles that ducks find so facinating! It has been a truly miserable day here and whilst I was up early to take my boys mate down for the 8:00am ferry I had absolutely no enthusiasm for todays appointed task. The task in question being to get wifey’s car ready for it’s MOT on Wednesday and whilst it’s a great wee car it is in need of at the very least a new exhaust, front brake discs and pads. All of which require lying or kneeling for extended periods which is OK in a dry shed but, not having one large enough means doing it outside in the rain whilst lying in a puddle. With this awaiting me I was in no hurry to get back from the ferry so went and had a look at the harbour site.

Sand bags 17/11/08

Sand bags 17/11/08

Where it looked like they were preparing sand bags on a pontoon for sealing the base of the shuttering.

Shuttering 17/11/08

Shuttering 17/11/08

Which was assembled just to the right of the Kobelco CKE 1800 crane After lingering as long as possible and half hoping I’d bump into Louis the mad Frenchman so I could get distracted I headed north and home. Managing to drag my second breakfast out until 11:30 I eventually put on all my wet weather gear and started crawling under the wee car. I honestly don’t know why cats shelter under cars because it is not dry under there! in fact it often seems wetter as all the water seems to get channled either down your sleeve, neck, nose or into your eyes. Also  no mater how good waterproofs are when your upright and the wet stuff is coming straight down when you lie in a puddle it allways runs into somewhere unpleasant and stays there. Anyway I spent the whole day with a blow torch, hammer and chisel removing the exhaust replacing it with a VERY expesive new one and changing the front discs and pads. Just getting it all back together before and the animals fed before dark.

and despite only being 9:20pm I’m going to bed and i’ll make something up in the morning! I mean I’ll finish this in the morning 🙂

Anyway now I’m refreshed after my early night I’ve realised that apart from grubbing about under the wee car and fitting a new hat to the hydro turbine, when I say hat I mean cover to keep the rain off as the other got lost in a gale, I’ve not really done much of excitement.

Sleeping pigs

Sleeping pigs

The pigs had the right idea and spent most of the day in bed, here’s Ginger the Tamworth boar and Shona buried with their noses in the bedding.

'What do you want'

Though Shona did briefly lift her snout out to see who was rudely disturbing her!

18 years ago

So not having much to tell about yesterday I’ve dug out some diaries.

Saturday the 17th of November was the third in a row of three miserable days and Embee, David Croy and Torquil Nicolson came up the north end to collect the wool bags from the summers shearing. Several of these having been picked up by boat from the shepherds hut in Loch a Sgurr previously. My then fishing boat ‘Annie V’ had been sat on her mooring in the Fladda narrows out of the weather since Wednesday and Id not been fishing since Tuesday. I used to keep my boat there if strong west or north westerly winds were forecast, using the old ‘Northern LIghts’ mooring. This was where the light house tender was kept for relieving and supplying the Rona lighthouse before it went automatic in 1967ish. I’d come accross it whilst clam diving, being made up of 2 x 1ton cast iron blocks and several meters of huge ground chain it was ‘bomb proof’ however at well over a mile from the house it was a pain to get to on foot. Later on that day the weather must have improved somewhat because I drove down to a bonfire in the village, in the 19 years I’ve lived here I don’t think there’s ever been a bonfire that’s been on time, it either clashes with the communion or the weather’s cr4p and it gets postponed sometimes several times. In fact I’m sure we had it around Christmas one year! The weather was cold showery, alternating between snow and rain for a whole week and my boat sat on her mooring without moving until Wednesday the 21st. There was some drama on the Tuesday night when the 2119grt MV Helena broke down off Trodday north of Skye and had to be towed into Portree but try as I might I can’t find anything on Google about it.

Sunday 17th November 1990

A much better week of weather this year with mainly cold but light northerly’s and a good deal of sun. My parents were staying with me and after a spot of fishing I roped my dad into some telegraph pole recovery. I’d been given 100 telegraph poles by BT in exchange for extricating one of their tractors from a hole down the Torran track. I’m allways knocking BT these days but 18 years ago they were a good company and when you phoned them up you spoke to someone in Kyle and not India, back then they were laying a new cable to Arnish underground. Previously it had since the 1930s been on poles using only 2 copper wires, this meant that we couldn’t get a phone until a new cable was laid as the two wires were in use. Until 1969 there was actually a red telephone kiosk at Arnish! there was no road but there in the middle of nowhere was this bright red box even more bizzarely it was a party line so you could hear if somebody was using the other phone! Monday it was over to Portree to land my weeks catch though the trip back into the northerly swell was quite excitng. Tuesday was a cracking day spent moving my gear out to deeper water to fish for brown crab. Wednesday, another peach of a day was very good on the fishing front. Bradhain and Embee came up and I took them around to Loch a Sgurr to collect 5 bags of wool and in the evening I went down to the ferry to collect 2 boxes of bait that had been sent over for me. Thursday was a mainly shitty day spent cutting wood though the evening was made rather special by a ‘moonbow’ the second one I’ve seen in 52 years. Just like a paler version of a rainbow a moonbow can sometimes be seen when a full moon is 42 degrees or lower in the sky and there’s a shower of rain opposite ( I just Googled that ) anyway they’re very spectacular and now I’m going to feed the pigs!

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