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November 6, 2008


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Despite it being a good day I’ve just not been inspired by anything today, despite lugging two cameras around with me I’ve not taken a single picture or seen anything memorable. When I say a good day it wasn’t in the same league as yesterday but it was fine, and mild if not a little grey. The ferry was quiet by recent standards and I spent a good deal of the day just giving the boat a good clean, whilst back on the croft my better half finished lifting our spuds out of the veg patch. During my lunch break I power washed and disinfected my trailer but only because my power washer had been returned by the mate who’d borrowed it and it gave me an excuse to clean my Land Rover at the same time without feeling like a really sad person that washes his car twice in the same week!

Feeling completely uninspired by the days events I turned to my diaries of 1990/91/92

18 years ago I was running around like any good NIMBY trying to stop the fish farm in Loch Arnish, knocking on doors and writing letters to every one I could think of. In retrospect I was being a bit of a prick as I ended up making a good living on the back of it for a few years but you live and learn! exactly a year later I was launching Calum’s ( Calum Macleod the road builder ) boat into the sea at Loch Arnish whereupon I towed it over to Portree for his daughters cousin Roddy. Roddy has since spent many hours renovating this fine boat to it’s former glory. In 1992 around this time I took our 3 goats on holiday to the Raasay Home farm then went down to England to by a ‘Suzuki Quad runner’ for use on the croft, this 250cc quad went on to serve me for many years and proved invaluable during the renovation of my fishing boat ‘Conqueror’ BRD257, carrying everything from the 12 telegraph poles used to build the boats shelter to the new engine and gearbox down the half mile rough track from my house to the shore where she lay.

OK I know it’s a rubbish post but we all have our off days and now I’m off to bed!

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