Life at the end of the road

October 30, 2008

Raising the ‘Golden Emblem’

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Well it’s been a pure peach of a day here, starting off with a good hard frost and then bucket  loads of sunshine. I went out feeding in the gloom just before dawn as I’d lots to do before I set off for the 9:00am ferry which only served to confuse the pigs more as they were just getting used to the GMT ( UTC ) time. Still a pig is always happy to be fed and they all looked lovely in the frost

Rory and Ruby's first frost

Rory and Ruby's first frost

Though some of the pigs on the hill obviously mistook the gritter for the quad and came charging round to the car park to be fed!

Gritter 'n' pigs

Gritter 'n' pigs

After watching a huge stag on the horizon silhouetted against the brightening eastern sky and listening to another bellowing with two hinds on his tail the gritter man  headed south and I fed the pigs.

Pigs 'n' gritter!

Pigs 'n' gritter

The day was far too good to be messing around in Portree any longer than necessary so I abandoned any thoughts of the 9:00am ferry and headed down to the ‘Golden Emblem’. Despite the fact that most visits to the ‘Emblem’ are accompanied by alcohol ( if your not careful ) it is not a pub but a boat and today seemed the perfect day to level her up. Louis boat has been lying on her port side for years now and getting her on an even keel would make life much easier for his restoration project.

Leveling her up
She’s got plenty of anchors and stakes out that are set in the beach and on the shore so the first job was to loosen the ones on the port side a little and put a ‘Tirfor’ winch on that side, not to pull but to let out gently. Next I placed the ‘Old girl’ and her ‘Warn 9500XP’ winch on the beach amidships of the ‘Emblem’ and a few meters away. The winch wire was paid out and made fast on a thick plank spread across 4 of the ribs on the port side and laid over a steel plate and plank on the starboard gunnel. Eventually after placing some large chocks in front of the wheels we started to pull on the electric Land Rover winch and pay out on the ‘Tirfor’

winching the 'Golden Emblem'

winching the 'Golden Emblem'

Despite the substantial chocks in front of the ‘Old Girl’ she was almost climbing over them under the strain so Louis reversed his car onto the beach and tied her to the back of the ‘Old Girl’ as an anchor and little at a time we raised her up square using a spirit level on the deck. We actually pulled her a little too far so when the tension came off the winch she’d rest upright and by good fortune that’s just what she did, sitting nicely on some chocks we’d made up. The plan being to make up some legs for her but for now I had to abandon ship and race to Portree for yet more pig food and some wood to finish ‘pig proofing’ my nieghbours chalet so she could get a decent nights sleep!

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