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October 26, 2008

Up against a wall

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A pier wall that is, well that’s where I spent most of the day anyway! The forecast according to both and GB Wind was for south westerly 8 or 9 possibly 10 and they were dead right about that bit it was supposed to moderate around lunchtime and veer westerly and whilst it did veer round to the west there was no let up in the strength of the wind until after 15:00. The Navtex the night before for Saturday was even worse and was probably nearer the mark.

I wasn’t expecting us to run in the morning at 8 or 9 but loaded up my dustbins for the ‘scuffy wagon’ just in case. The bin lorry visits Raasay once a week and if I’m working I usually take the bins down to save them the 11mile trek north. I wonder what Calum who built the famous road to Arnish would have made of the bin lorry traveling his road every other week! Sure enough I arrived at work to find the Loch Striven doing a merry dance alongside the pier.

Loch Striven 25/10/08

Loch Striven 25/10/08

We all managed to get on board without too much difficulty

Raasay pier and slip 25/10/08

Raasay pier and slip 25/10/08

Though there was little point starting the main engines as we were clearly going nowhere for a couple of hours at least. So after firing up my laptop and checking just about every forecast on the internet I went below to try and do some painting. Quickly discovering that this was a bad idea as the deck head I was painting refused to stay still. Undeterred we set about trying to wash the boat down but gave up on that also as the buckets kept getting blown across the deck and even the power washer jet was being blown off course by the freshening wind. Whilst drinking my umpteenth cup of tea a fisherman phoned from Sconser to inform us that the door had blown off the store there and was in pieces, he also told me he had just recorded a gust of 73mph on his hand held anemometer and that was by no means the worst one! The lull that we expected around lunchtime never happened and the phones were red hot with people stranded on Skye and people wanting to get off Raasay. Of course the Island was suffering the usual lack of newspaper DTs and the Mail never arrived or left. Eventually however it came and we sailed at around 15:50 much to the relief of the poor souls who’d been queuing in the car park and waiting room for hours. We arrived at Sconser to a full deck load of cars some of whom had been there since 10:00am and quickly turned around with our full cargo and of course the milk, bread and newspapers! The last run was almost calm and very quiet with just 1 car out and 2 in, we tied up at 18:15 and all headed home after what had felt like a very long day indeed.

After my usual bath I did 3 very unusual things, I didn’t sit in the kitchen on my laptop. I watched the TV and I had a couple of glasses of Morgans spiced rum before putting the clocks back and going to bed!

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