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July 31, 2008

The XJ14-0.2DCT4-Z is here at last!

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I really did pick the wrong day to have off, I’m sat here plonking away on my laptop at 6:30 instead of driving down ‘Calum’s road’ to a day of toil on the Loch Striven. Toil’s a bit strong because I actually like my job and today I wouldn’t mind being there instead of here because it is a trully miserable day and    UK Wind Map says that it’s going to stay that way. Still I’ve a full day ahead of me fixing a fuel supply problem on my mates ‘ST2 Lister genny’ and sorting out various water supplies. It’s hard to believe today that we have a water shortage but we do, the supply to our caravan and Brakens trough has dried up and as she’s feeding 7 piglets she needs allot of water. My friend and neighbours filter blocked yesterday and that was in part due to low water level in her newt pond, I mean water tank!


Anyway I’m writing this today because I just didn’t get a chance yesterday with all the excitement, well perhaps that’s too strong a word but we had friends staying with us and visitors around for a wee glass or two of wine last night so it just didn’t happen. The day got off to a very promising start   UK Wind Map said it was going to be dry all day so once the first busy morning sailings were out of the way I set about ‘scrabbling’ the starboard side upper deck. Of course as soon as I’d finished doing that and got the paint roller out it started raining and remained showery for the rest of the day. Though I think we just had this black cloud following the ferry as many other places including Arnish remained dry.

Here at last

After a mere 6 weeks since placing the order and only 2 weeks after parting with my cash my ‘Chinese 200w hydro turbine’ has at last arrived. No it did not take 6 weeks to come from China on a junk it took that long to arrive from a mere 400 miles away.

Anyway it’s here and despite being the first thing I’ve ever bought where the box it came in was better made than the actual product I’m still very pleased and excited about it. Whilst it is very poorly made with lots of rough unfinished edges, welding spatter and held together with very dodgy screws and bolts. It is on the whole very solid and all it’s faults can be sorted ( I hope ).

The other exciting thing that arrived was my Vodafone mobile broadband package and whilst the Staffin mast I’m using doesn’t support 3G or whatever it is that you need for broadband I am getting 53.6kbps with my dongle hanging out of the bedroom window in a polythene bag! Which is far better than my best BT dial speed of 31.2kbps so we’ll just see how reliable it is before I dump BT and their extra line.


  1. How is it going with your 200watt Chinese turbine?
    I am thinking of importing one myself and am searching for information on the unit. If you have time please respond.

    Thank you,


    Comment by John E — November 16, 2008 @ 5:47 am

  2. Hi John,

    The turbine is going great but don’t expect them all to. I pulled mine apart and rebuilt it with coppaslip, stainless screws and bolts. The electronics were fastened to old coke tins and the casting is the worst I’ve ever seen. The pelton runner looked like it was made out of old spoons and the welding was like hen shit 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love it and it does exactly what it says on the tin but I’d be wary of importing one direct as the chances of it failing with this kind of quality control are high. I’ve imported many things from China and there seems to be a 25% failure rate and whilst mr Wongs english is always excellent when your buying stuff off him it goes decidedly iffy when something goes tits up. This is fine with small items costing less than £20 but I know people who’ve had the same experience after spending thousands.

    Whatever you decide, good luck, Paul

    Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — November 16, 2008 @ 11:23 am

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