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July 28, 2008

I know this is really sad

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Well it’s been a queer kind of day here at the north end, the sun was blazing when I fed the pigs in the morning and as usual i’d checked UK Wind Map which said wall to wall sunshine all day. With this in mind I phoned up my mate who was heading up from Exeter to visit us for a few days and placed orders for more barbecue stuff. Of course within a few minutes of speaking to him the mist came down and so did the temperature. Still we persevered and with some pork belly out of our freezer, a good selection of sausages from the Broadford Co op we had a most excellent lunch which was washed down with ONE glass of

‘Jack Ratts’ scrumpy cider, which looks like petrol but tastes like nectar, this most drinkable brew having been brought north from Devon by our visitors. One glass of scrumpy is all that any sane man can handle and still do a days work so I stopped there as I had some fencing to do.

The wee Spotty pigs had been squeezing under the fence into the wee Tamworths field at feeding time, the post I was hitting had come loose due to the dry weather so I removed the staples and hammered it in a bit further. Once the post was in further I set about re fitting the staples

and putting some extra stakes in the ground to hold down the barbed wire

Though it was a bit of a struggle with all my helpers. With the fence sorted I set about our ‘Thomson Glenelg’ caravan.

I never thought I’d see the day

I know this is really sad but I’m getting quite excited about going on holiday in our new caravan. I say new it’s 1974 or something and we were given it to use as a hen house, however once I’d got it home I figured  it was far too good to turn into chook housing and decided to use it for our next trip to

next month. I don’t Know how many times I’ve cursed caravans in the past but if you get caught behind an old Land Rover pulling an even older caravan around the 8th or 10th of August near Inverness then I appologise in advance as it’s probably us! As I knew nothing about this caravan and it had been sat by the sea for years I spent the next couple of hours removing the wheels to check the bearings and brakes. Apart from removing some surface rust and cobwebs everything was tip top so I just added more grease and replaced the wheels deciding to replace one of the tyres as it was a bit perished with age. So all I’ve gotta do now is replace the number plate and lower the towing hitch on the old girl and we can head off on our wee break. I just hope I don’t return from our holiday wanting to join the caravan club or something.

Into the sun

With our wee mobile home back on the ground and me having to go back to work a day early I thought I’d take up the last length of blue pipe up to the ‘Pipers rock’ above Torran.

Upon leaving Arnish which had been in the middle of that cloud all day I was hit by medeterranean temperatures and magnificent views over Loch Arnish, with Dun Caan just poking it’s head above the mist. The somewhat bemused walkers I met had informed me that it had been like this all day whilst, we were at times struggling to see the few hundred yards accross the valley down below. With my blue snake dragged by hand almost a quarter of a mile towards the loch I headed back home feeling very pleased with myself for a very productive week off despite going somewhat pear shaped down at the ‘Golden Emblem’ on Wednesday!

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