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July 25, 2008

More blue pipe

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It’s been a pure peach of a day here on the Raasay rivera and I’ve been wandering around all day in sandles and Skye Batik shorts looking like a pure prat but not caring anyway. After the usual bout of feeding I headed for the bright lights of Inverarish and the village shop as I had some parcels to post and wanted to catch the mail going away. With 3 antlers and a porpoises jaw bone finally on it’s way to my mate Fish in Warminster, I’ve been promising to post these off to him for the best part of a year and the best excuse I can come up with is they were tricky to wrap. The antlers I’ve picked up over the years on the hill and the poor porpoise got washed up on the shore last year near the ferry with 2 chunks out of it’s head like a propellor swipe.

This is the poor creatures good side the damage was to the other side and is quite graphic so I’ve not posted it, anyway once it had rotted down to just the bones I removed the jawbone for Fish as he makes beautiful knives with bone handles and the like. The photo was taken in July last year I removed the jaw in December and it’s taken me 7 months to post it, sorry mate! With my parcel on it’s way to Somerset or Wiltshire or wherever Warminster is I went to meet the 10:30 ferry and my boys pal who’s staying with us for a few days. It was at this point that I remembered the sleeping bag given me by our resident Frenchman Louis. I say remembered and given it was more I smelt it in the days heat and he’d wrapped me up in it when I was blind drunk outside his caravan the other day to stop me getting a chill. Louis and big John had bundled me into the back of the old girl wrapped in this and wifey had driven me home. It turned out to be Max’s sleeping bag which explained the smell, Max being Louis 16 year old blind and possibly incontinent sheep dog! I was really really glad of the sleeping bag at the time but after a couple of days festering in the back of my Land Rover I felt it was time to return it. Upon arrival Louis offered me more wine but I settled on black coffeee taking some comfort in the fact that he’d felt almost as bad as me the day after our wee session. Whilst in the general area of the new harbour we saw Hooky busy in a 34 ton machine making the new access road to the ferry terminal.

Improving the water supply

The rest of the day was spent with my boy and his pal ferrying 50m lengths of MDPE pipe to a most inacsessible spot above Torran to improve the water supply to the ‘Harris turbine’

The first thing we discovered after carrying the first coil up there and trying to roll it the half mile or so across the heather was that it’s much easier to drag MDPE uphill than roll it

The second thing I discovered was that this wee lochan is much deeper than it looks! The second coil we just untied at Arnish and dragged all the way up there, initially with the quad and then by hand. It took most of the rest of the day to do this and by the time it came to feed the pigs I was knackered.

To give you some idea of how knackered I was I’d dragged one 50m length of pipe from that notch on the horizon to almost the highest point by hand and I’ve still got 5 more to do!

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