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July 22, 2008

Wheel bearings, worms and fireworks

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All in all it’s been a very productive day and lived up to my expectations. First off I fed all the pigs then tucked into a fine breakfeast before heading over to Torran on a breakdown job.

Which was I must confess entirely my own fault, I’d suspected a faulty wheel bearing on my mates trailer for long enough but failed to do anything about it, indeed I’d even gone as far as to pick a pair up in ‘Jansvans’ Portree last week and admire them, quickly putting them back on the shelf when I saw the price. Which was a bit daft because a few days later the wheel fell off and I had to buy them anyway, only now instead of doing the job at my leisure in my workshop I’m doing it halfway along the track to luckily by the time the wheel fell off most of the stuff had been moved and the guests were most understanding. Whilst there I’d also turned on the ‘Harris Turbine’ which along with the solar panels provides power there. The hydro tuirbine which I fitted there would under normal circumstances provide ample power but this summer has been the driest I can remember in 22 years. However the recent rain meant that there was now ample water flow to spin up the pelton wheel and produce electricity. With my mates trailer fixed, the turbine running and in the mood I set about mine, my tailer had done a wheel bearing in when I was a bit over optimistic at it’s carrying capacity the other day and over loaded it with angle iron left me by the squad from Scottish and southern energy who were over changing poles and the like. I could have taken all this metal work in 2 trips but was terrified that someone else would claim it first! and figuring that possesion was 9 tenths of law loaded it up and took it home before anyone else staked a claim on it! I know that sounds really selfish but I do have a plan to turn it into a shed and if anyone else is desperate for a piece they know where to contact me.

Worms and helicopters

After all this another breakfast was called for after which some friends arrived with a wonderful selection of airial photo’s taken from a helicopter. George and Yan had done a couple of flights around Raasay, Rona and Fladda over the last few days from their friends helicopter and taken some spectracular pics which I will when I can post. They also laeft a very fine bottle of Chilean sauvingion blanc which is hindering typing as we speak! anyway after the picture show wife, sister in law and I set about worming 17 piglets. Now for long enough we did not have worms here but we bought some pigs that had worms and now we treat them every 6 months. In the past with just a few pigs and piglets it’s been quite easy to make sure that they’ve all got the correct dose in their feed but with 29 it’s a little more complicated.  With the amount of pigs we have now it would probably be easier to inject them but as we still have allot of ‘Pancur’ in feed wormer I was not going to waste it. OH and I spent a while making up a run to put them in one at a time so we could make sure each one got the correct dose.

The run was great for trapping the piglets in but they were too stressed to eat once in it so we resorted to plan B which was to feed them individually then paint them!

This worked really well and despite feeding 17 piglets by hand I still have all my fingers.

The big bang

whilst doing this the day started going down hill weather wise so the planned trip south to see the demolition of the rock that’s stood for millenia just to the north of the perch in front of the wee pier was cancelled, luckily George Rankine from Eyre sent me this spectacular shot of the event.

Great expectations

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That’s me finished work a day early, only trouble is I’ve to go back a day sooner but the says the forecast is ok so that’s me happy. Actually it says wall to wall mist until Thursday afternoon but at the moment the ( Tue 7:00am ) the sun is pouring in through the kitchen window. Yesterdays post went to pot as I got distracted by guests for a most excellent fishy dinner, several bottles of wine and an awesome sticky toffe pudding. Dude’s away at me mums for a few days so I’m making the most of it by cramming as much fish as possible into our diet whilst he’s away. The Dude is not impressed with fish as I think I sickened him of it when he was younger. Anway last night it was more of the hake and monkfish in creamy sauce with a grilled mackeral starter and a plate of grated courgets a la Jamie Oliver. The ‘beetle man’, our neighbour, sis in law, wifey and your truley all sat round the table until late into the night putting the world to rights and now I’m ready for an action packed week of, well I’ll fill you in as it happens because  things never seem to go as planned.


Was the usual mad rush on a Monday with lots of traffic as all the worker for the harbour and Raasay house return. As it was my last day my body clock thought it was Tuesday so when we recieved

The notice of blasting I was convinced that it was happening tonight ( Monday ) and thought I might go for a nosey as it coincided with my finishing work. All the previous firings have been remarkable by their lack of anything spectacular to see as they’ve all been underwater at high tide.

This particular firing however is to remove a rock which is well above the sea bed and dries at half tide. As I’m quite fond of this rock having stored scallops around it on the sea bed when I was clam diving and soon as it’s been there undisturbed for several million years I thought I might go and witness it’s demise from the lay by near the Hotel.

It was not until I saw one of the ‘happy blasters’ from ‘Crushrock’ leaving the island on the last ferry with an empty box for the detonators that I realised it was only Monday!

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