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July 20, 2008

A very active Sunday

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As I keep saying I do love my Sundays at work, especially in the summer. After the 16 hour day that is Saturday in June, July and August the leisurly 9 while 5 of today with just 2 sailings is a pure pleasrure. It is also the only day of my working week that I can spend a bit of time with the pigs. Now I’m most definitely a morning person and allways get to work yonks before the rest of the crew but on Sundays this inevetably goes pear shaped as I get distracted by little jobs before heading down the road and today was no exception. After doing the feeding rounds I set about unloading my trailer load of treasure.

It’s all gone wonky!

Dunno if it’s me or wordpress but all my pics seem to have gone pear shaped and I can’t upload any files or even look at my own pics in the archives. I’ve been at this for a couple of hours now and I’m getting nowhere so I’ll just sleep on it and try again tomorrow.

At last! it’s 5:30 am and all is sweetness and light, must have been too much traffic at WordPress or something. S o there it is, and I know to most people it’s a pile of scrap but I’m seeing the frame for a good shed in all that metalwork. Though it did cost me a trailer wheel bearing to get it home as it’s much heavier than it looks. With the 10 bags of feed that have been traveling up and down ‘Calum’s road’ for almost a week finally unloaded from the back of the ‘old girl’ and a few other jobs done I at last set off for the ferry. A quater of a ton of anything in the back of most vehicles would at least be noticable on most vehicles but the suspension on mine is so stiff you can’t tell. Even with 30 bags in it’s quite respectable to drive on the twisty roads. The ferry turned out to be quite busy mainly with holiday traffic and once the morning sailing was out of the way I got stuck into a 500h service on the 2 Volvo’s that drive the ‘Loch Striven’

I can’t praise these fine engines highly enough, at over 75,000 hours which is the equivalent to 2.25million miles on the road they have given very little trouble in over 22 years.

With the servicing done, the weekly maintainance finished and some baked beans for lunch I gave the ‘old girl’ her fortnightly wash and fitted some ‘anti rattle springs to the rear brake pads.

Not that my rear brakes were rattling or squeaking, just that when I converted my rear axle to disc brakes I couldn’t get the springs and shims without paying £45 for a complete pad kit from a main dealer as they aren’t available seperately. However the other day I found a kit on fleabay for £19 and whilst still an arm and a leg for 4 springs and shims it’s better than £45!

Home at last

Another busy run at 4:00 from Raasay and 4:30 from Sconser and that was us tied up for the day so I headed home on a beautifull summers evening. I’ve been seeing 2 sparrow hawks for the last few days in the same spot, in fact the other day I saw one of them chasing the sea eagle that was picking at a dead crow by the road. It really was quite comical to see this tiny bird giving the massive sea eagle ‘what for’. Once home we led Bramble out of Ginger the boars field to feed her up a bit. Ginger is a typical guy, when Bramble found her way into his field full of hormones and despearte for his attention he lets her feed like a gentleman. Once he’s had his way with her he’s back to hogging all the food and snapping at her so we led her out into the next field that way she’ll get some peace and put a bit of weight on after her litter of 11 and he’ll still be able to see her without stealing all her food.

Where have all the mushrooms gone!

As we were all togged up with wellies we went wandering in the birch woods looking for ‘shrooms’ but found nothing to add to the lovely hake and monkfish dish that OH had prepared for dinner. I suspect the dry weather has had a hand in their abscence.

Escaping pigs!

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After the hectic week yesterday was remarkable for two things, the amount of rainbows and the lack of traffic, despite it being the middle of ‘Glasgow fair’ the two weeks when most of Glasgow takes it’s holidays the ferry on the whole was pretty quiet. As is usual for a Saturday the bin lorry came over but went home early with someones dustbin still attached to it’s rear end as the hydraulics had failed. They weren’t going to the north end anyway today but I wish they had have done as some clown left two large bin liners at the side of the road full of refuse and our pigs managed to spread the contents allover the north end of Raasay. This is not an uncommon occurance. For some reason campers and the like ( not all of them ) seem to think that if black bin bags full of their weekly left overs, crap and nappies are left at the side of the road then the ‘Bin bag fairy’ will remove them by magic. Well me the ‘Bin bag fairy’ usually does but today Shona and Jamie Lea or the wee spotty pigs found them first so god only Knows what they’ve been eating. First I knows about it is when wifey phones me to tell me. Two people we know turned up at the house saying your pigs have escaped and got into the bins at the end of the road, OH replies it’s OK they’re supposed to be out and there are no bins at the end of the road! Only when she walked down with our two friends did it become clear what had happened. People who were staying at

had been trying to be helpful to the cleaner who deals with all this kind of stuff on Sunday when they change over and had taken their rubbish out early, leaving it behind their shiny black car on the car park and not thinking there were hungry pigs on the loose ( despite all the signs ) any way OH and our two friends made a fine job of clearing it up though our bins is now full!

and apart from loading my trailer up with ‘treasure’ left me by ‘Scottish and Southern Energy’ that was about it after the last sailing we tied up at dusk under usual spectacular if not darker sky.

I headed home and went to bed!

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