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July 19, 2008

Busy and grey

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A busy busy day and a house full of guests for dinner means computer operations have been suspended and today is the late ferry so I doubt I’ll be on here tonight either. I even had my lights on yesterday morning whilst driving down ‘Calum’s road’ not that it helped any through the mist and not that I’m likely to meet anyone at that time of the morning but it seemed like a good idea. A couple of miles down the road I came face to face with a young sea eagle, young as in immature with mottled feathers, it was still larger than me in terms of wing span. It lifted off the road just in front of me around a right hand bend in the road then flew right accross my path a few yards ahead and I clearly saw it’s golden eyes. The gaelic name is Iolair Sùil na Grèine which translates as the eagle with the sun in it’s eye and a more apt description you couldn’t find. It had been busy with this

the remains of a hooded crow and as you can see there’s not much left of it. The rest of the somewhat damp and grey day was spent shuttling back and fore to Sconser on the ferry, too wet to paint anything and too busy to get stuck into anything down below. The morning was busy with traffic for the big wedding and the aternoon busy with workers from Raasay house and the harbour going home for the weekend.

Eilean na mhail was almost as busy as the Loch Striven today and we seemed to spend the day dodging each other at the slipways.

And now it’s 6:30, the sun has come out despite the driving rain so their must be a helluva rain bow somewhere and I have to go to work.

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