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July 13, 2008

Bramble gets the hots!

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It’s been a pretty good day here, the wind has at last moved out of the north so the temperature is up a few degrees but I’ve not really done a great deal. First job as allways was feeding the pigs and we have to do it in a very specific order as alot of our pigs can interact on the hill but go back to there various feeding troughs to eat. We achieve this by turning some of the gates upside down so small pigs can pass through but large ones can’t, on the whole it works very well and the extra freedom it gives to the pigs does them a power of good. However if you feed the wrong group first the pigs that should have been fed first will just pace up and down the fence foaming at the mouth or worse still trying to get through it.

Unless it’s Bramble who just tries and sometimes succeeds to climb over them, as I fed them I noticed Bramble was in heat by the tell tale swelling of her vulva. We had been hoping to keep her away from Ginger for another cycle or two as Shona was in with him just now and we were looking to spread out the litters a little.

But a couple of hour later she was in bed next to him looking guilty as hell! and Shona the old spot was getting abuse from both of them. Funnily enough when I went to feed them in the evening Bramble gave Ginger a good snap and he let her eat first. Dunno what that means in terms of pig behaviour but I reckon he was too worn out to argue as she was pestering him all day! A quick check of the perimiter showed traces of mud on the top strand of wire at a point where another fence joins and she’d obviously used that to assist herself over the fence.

I spent the rest of the morning tidying my workshop after saturdays suspension mods to the Land Rover or was it Fridays? anyway it was a bit of a riot in there with tools and debris everywhere. The afternoon was spent cutting wood and that was about it.

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