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July 10, 2008

Almost a shepherd

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I went to bed in disgust last night without getting on line so I’m just catching up now. Of course like some kind of junkie or alkie I was up again at 4:00am to try and get my ‘fix’ having tried both our phone lines and several modems last night. My ‘dial up’ is on the whole woeful but I recently tried a new modem ( the 7th! ) and it’s the best it’s ever been with only one dropped connection in 5 or 6 days ( usually it’s at least 1 an hour ) I’d spoke to Willie Eyre, Raasay’s computer wizard last night just before I gave up and went to bed and as I was getting up this morning he was just going to bed after spending all night on line sorting out the problem as not long after I spoke to him he found the same snag on one of his laptops. If you check out the post ‘Clockwork IBM’ there’s info on the fix.

The ‘St Kilda sheep’

I got the rest of the tribe ( OH, Dude and his 2 pals ) up at 6:00 and after feeding early we headed off down ‘Calum’s road’ for the 8:00am ferry, dropping off my laptop at Willie’s on the way. Though I’m starting to get a little ahead of myself here, before all things ‘IT’ went pear shaped I’d spent the day ( yesterday ) or most of it anyway road building. Since the advent of the summer timetable on the ferry I’ve not had the time or energy to load up my wee trailer with rock at lunchtime for my extention to ‘Calum’s road’ well extention to road is a bit of an over statement it’s more of a footpath improvement. Anyway as we were supposed to be picking up our Soay sheep from ‘Craig Highland farm’ today I thought I’d finish off an area of hard standing  at the end of ‘Camilli’s road’

So after a bit of quarrying

I got my little helper to unload the trailer. With 4 loads of that done I then got him onto bedding cutting

With all that done and the pig arcs cleaned out and filled with fresh bedding my team were pretty worn out ( and so was I ) so we all had an early night in preparation for the trip tomorrow to Plockton via Harbro ( the feed merchant ) in Portree for our new sheep. We were supposed to pick them up two weeks ago but they escaped. Patties lovely holding on the shore of Loch Carron just outside Plockton is open to the public and gets quite a few visitors, trouble is one of them left a gate open and our sheep went AWOL. Being bred for clinging to the rocks and ledges of St Kilda these lovely creatures have more in common with goats than sheep, require very little maintainance, can thrive on almost nothing and best of all don’t need shearing, as shearing sheep is one of my pet hates they same just the thing for us. The down side is they don’t produce much in the way of meat and they’re more of an escape artist than your average wooly. We already have a market for the meat as it’s supposed to be very tasty and our croft is well fenced so if we can actually keep them in it for a couple of months and get them used to a wee feed then they shouldn’t wander far (we hope)

I blame it on the llama’s

So after the millionth ‘are we there yet’ from our two guests we arrived at Patties set up the trailer and hurdles so we could drive them in. The field they were in was quite narrow and with 7 of us holding hands whilst slowly moving forward when they weren’t looking it was hoped to get them in the trailer then shut the tail board. I’d taken the roof off and replaced it with two hurdles so they weren’t spooked by the dark hole and the floor was covered in bedding and fresh grass.

All was going well with several of the wee flock going in for a nibble and us inching forward slowly, it was just then that some visitors turned up

After which things went a bit wonky with one sheep jumping the fence and another the hurdles so it was decided to leave the trailer in the field and go home. Eventually the missing sheep would return they’d get used to the trailer and use it for shelter as I re fitted the roof. Once inside Pattie could shut the tailboard and we could collect them.

Clockwork IBM

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After a bonny and exciting day yesterday of hauling rock and cutting bedding my piece of cr4p ‘fujitsu  siemens amilo 3438g’ lap top decided to throw a wobbly. Everyone who sees this top of the range silver shiny machine marvels at the size of the screen, well it don’t matter how big the screen is if you can’t connect to the internet it’s useless! I spent the best part of 2 hours trying to get on line last night before giving up and have been up since 4:00am this morning having another go before giving up. In desperation I dug out the old IBM think pad 600x and low and behold got on line first time though it’s painfully slow and I can’t post pictures. In fairness to the fujitsu it only went pear shaped after installing some windows updates but it really is a waste of space. I  got it two and a half years ago through a leasing scheme at work as it came with 3 year guarantee and back up. Back up what a joke it took me 6 months to get on line with it at home, as we’re so far from the exchange it’s own modem won’t work and whilst I could accept that there was nothing wrong with the computer they refused even to offer any advice as to how I could get on the internet at home, eventually I did manage to find an external modem that worked but now the disc drive has started making a noise and vibrating and vertical tram lines have appeared on its huge screen. So I’ll drop it off at Willy Eyre’s on the way to pick up our Soay sheep and with a bit of luck I should be on line again tonight as there aren’t enough hours in the day to use this thing!

Back at last with my ‘Fujitsu’ and sure enough the maestro fixed it and this is the wee note he left in ‘my documents’ which may help anyone running XP and ‘Zone alarm’

“Unable to connect after MS updates 09 July 08
Easy Solution:  Restore to “Software Distribution Service 3.0” 09 July 2008
The offending part is KB951748
Now that you can get online, you will be invited to download and install KB951748
The polite thing to do is to decline the offer, and tick the box “…not be reminded again”
It is caused by an incompatibility issue with Zone alarm
It only affects XP users with Zonealarm, I think


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