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July 7, 2008

Who’ll repair Raasay’s walls now?

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It’s been a really busy day on the ferry and I’m not even going to mention the s word despite being stuck in it yet again. This time what was left in the bilge clogged up the pump but now several pairs of disposable gloves later all is sweetnes in the ferry’s bilge. To be honest between that and all the Monday traffic for the harbour and Raasay house the day flew by and I hardly ventured above the car deck all day. Well apart to do my hour in the wheelhouse that is. I dunno what they’re doing with all these cranes at the harbour as I didn’t have time to ask but another one arrived today. If the one that went away on Friday was a 60ton one then I suppose this one would have been about 50ton. The poor driver was sat  at Sconser  from 10:00am waiting for the landing craft to take him over at 12:00 but she didn’t turn up untill almost 3:00pm probably delayed by the strong north easterly wind and swell.

The tide was quite low and falling so it was with some relief that the ‘Eilean na Mhaull’ pulled off the slip at Sconser (and I’ve probably spelt her name wrong)

We were a wee bit late getting in but still managed to sail on time.

They’ll be sorely missed

After my hard days slog I called in at the house of a well known Dutchman and his wife who along with his in laws will be leaving Raasay shortly for Skye. They were having a little get together to say good bye and thank you. It was very well attended but work tomorrow meant I had unfortunately  to leave early and whilst I may not be seeing as much of Ron as I used to I’ll be seeing his lovely dry stone wall work for years to come. So I headed up the road to the usual boring kind of sunset and a rabbit stew!

This is Ben Tianavaig from a Land Rover bonnet.

And if you prefer here it is without the tyre!

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