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July 3, 2008

Another ‘Calum’s road’ !

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Despite what the weather man said on radio 4 it’s been a pretty fair day weather wise and it got off to a good start when I saw a couple of porpoises in Loch Arnish just after leaving home. I also saw two canoeists launching their craft into the sea after a night camping near the old fish farm slip, as it was around 6:30am I figured that they’d been driven out to sea by the midge rather than the desire for an early start. Of course I could be wrong but it struck me that wanting to leave a cosy dry tent for a damp canoe or is it kayak was not something someone would do at that hour through choice! Anyway it was off to work for me and apart from changing an altenator on one of the HRW6 Lister generators most of the day was spent checking and putting away a mountain of stores that had arrived for the boat. All very dull stuff like bin bags, loo roll, and toilet cleaner.

Free press day

Of course today being Thursday is West Highland Free Press day and our ‘free’ copy is on the ferry almost as soon as we’ve hit the slip at Sconser. I’ve never really understood the newspaper thing, my father has been glued to his for as long as I can remember and the whole island goes into mourning if they don’t arrive on time. Me I just think they’re a platform for various political parties or meglomaniac owners and on the whole they’re just full of cr4p, but what do I know after all I think Land Rovers are great vehicles. Anyway I do read the ‘Free press’ every week I’m on the ferry, well I do if I can get at it before the other two crew! seriously though there was an artical in it today about a community in Gambia being inspired by the story of ‘Calum’s road’ and they were aiming to rebuild a 7km stretch of road to their remote village and they were going to name it after the road that Calum built to Arnish

This is the P & Js version of the story as I couldn’t find a WHFP one on line.

The ‘batching plant’ is ashore

In my brief lunch break I went down to have a look at the harbour works

All of the batching plant that mixes the concrete is now ashore, the plywood is the shuttering for the last base which was poured today and that’s for one of the silos on the right. That serious crane can lift 60 tons and has a reach of 67m with the fly jib on.

And that was pretty much it for the days doings, though we had some folk over looking at piglets and sold another couple over the phone.

And just before I go

As I was heading for the bath I saw the unmistakeable red glow on the rocks at North Arnish that indicates a spectacular sunset. So I ran to the end of our drive

I was not dissapointed!

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