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July 2, 2008

The ‘batching plant’ is here

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As I keep saying my Wednesday is like most peoples Monday’s so it was up early and off to work on the ferry. Though today I had a couple of extra passengers in their converted fish cage float. If you’ve been following my somewhat haphazzard doings and ramblings you’ll know that we loaded two wee spotty pigs into the trailer last night ready for delivery to Sconser today. I gave them a feed and drink around 6:00am then went back out around 6:30 to put them in the box that I made for transporting piglets. It’s strong, airy, smooth, and waterproof, will fit nicely in the back of an estate car. As these were going to Skye and I didn’t need the box for a week at least I just took the box over on the ferry and the new owner took it complete with piglets promising to return cleaned box asap. This struck me as a very sensible and stress free way of moving the wee darlings and I plan to do more of it. I might even make up another MkII box out of another fish cage float that I have.

The harbour

With piglets away and the mornings sailings out of the way I went along to the harbour site

That blue thing behind the happy chappy in the digger is the batching plant that mixes the concrete

The two blue things on the big grey barge next to the tug are the silos for the sand and cement

And this is the serious 60ton all wheel steering crane that will lift them off and put them in position once the weather moderates. All this kit should have been in position or at least on site on Friday but I believe there was a breakdown and the wind was far too strong to do anything at sea yesterday.

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