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June 30, 2008

The SWB series 2, 88″ pig ark!

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Things are really moving along here in the pig department, we put Shona the ‘Old Spot’ sow in with Ginger the Tamworth boar yesterday and Brambles wains, the 11 Tamworth piglets that we’ve nicknamed the ‘wee chunks’ are ready to be weaned as soon as I finish their new accomadation.

They were 6 weeks old the other day but the ‘wee chunks’ are ready for weaning now and she needs a rest. I spotted just the thing for conversion to deluxe piglet housing the other day. It was the hard top off a series 2 short wheelbase Land Rover which had been lying abandoned for as long as I could remember.

A quick word with the owner and it was mine for the taking, so this morning we all set off south to the old coal store where it was lying and before long had it loaded onto my trailer and back on the croft. Now I appriciate that to the hardened Land Rover buff this may seem sacreligious but there’s no bigger Land Rover ‘anorak’ than me and I was desperate!

So I set about grinding off the door seal lips and rivets after which I made some window and door blanks out of some 1/4″ hardboard I’d also been given. I then covered the door top blanks with a piece of tarpaulin that fell off a lorry. Literally it was off a 40t arcticulated lorry that was blown over on Skye in a gale a few months ago ( there’s a piccy on here somewhere ) A good section of the ‘curtainside’ was lying in the heather at the side of the road for long enough so I ‘rescued’ it. With blanks made for the back windows out of the same piece of hardboard, the rear door blank made from some old worktop and a wooden frame around the bottom to stiffen it up.

I was in two minds weather to leave the windows clear but decided against it or should I say OH decided against it.

Had it not started raining I was going to insulate it on the inside or at least the roof to stop condensation. I still have 14 sheets of this hardboard and some polystyrene sheet to use but it took me all day to modify it so far. Who knows how long it would take me to make a pig proof lining!

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