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June 25, 2008

Filled with dread

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Well that’s the week on the ferry over, my working week that is and now my ‘rest week’ begins! that’s a laugh as I’ve a pretty full schedule of pigs, sheep, hydro turbines, Land Rover and worst of all children’s party ahead of me. The boy is having a birthday party after school and I’m in charge of transport and entertainment, the transport bits easy enough as I’ll just pile them in the ‘old girl’ but the thought of entertaining a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds has got me quaking at the knees. I’ve been up since 4:00am trawling the internet for party games and advice. I came across this which was full of useful tips but the games seemed a little dull, well compared to ‘Bomb the dad’ that is. This is a game I invented myself which involves latex gloves, water and a tree house. The children all climb the tree house and throw water bombs made of disposable gloves at me, I try to burst them with a baseball bat and they get a prize if they can hit me! It goes down very well though probably contravenes all ‘health and safety’ guide lines!

I survived!

Well that’s it I did it, I managed to keep 8 energetic boys entertained for almost 4 hours! OK I could not have done it without OH and her mum doing the catering and I’m now a complete wreck with no voice but I did it and everyone had a great time. The first job was picking up the wee angels from the Raasay primary school and keeping them entertained on the 11 mile journey home. Now I appreciate that not many people could play this game on the ‘Queens highway’ but one of the advantages of living out in the sticks is you can leave things at the side of the road and be pretty sure no one will half inch them. I call this game ‘The very high tide game’ saying that an exceptionally high tide has brought some fishing buoys ashore and they have to look for them on the way home. Having previously tied, jammed or thrown 8 of these bright red floats some of which were 2m in circumference into various trees, ponds and fences along the last 9 miles of road home. The only slight hiccup being that I didn’t notice the one hanging in a tree as a swing at the old manse or the small ones in the youth hostel and I’d not enough presents to cover these! Still that got us as far as the car park at Sceapadale where we detoured for some gentle ‘off roadin’ down to the beach there where we had a stone throwing competition

So by the time we got up to Arnish an hour and a half had passed and we were all starving. Of course they had to find dinner which unbeknown even to my boy was in the barn. The clues were photographs of locations that had other photographs hidden nearby which eventually led them to the party.

Though to be honest it was fairly obvious and once inside we all tucked into the usual party stuff, burgers, sausages, chips etc, etc. This was followed by some music and hilarity.

After which they all headed up the tree house to ‘Bomb the dad’, dad having got kitted out in waterproofs and the boys being armed with latex gloves and balloons full of water. Dad then waits below tree house armed with a length of plastic pipe to deflect as many missiles as poss and boys try their best to hit dad! This proved to be the highlight of the day with a few direct hits by the boys and a few bursts by me and my ‘bat’ With dad now somewhat damp and worn out, I called on the cavalry who brought out the birthday cake and party bags after which I loaded up the wee angels into the ‘old girl’ and took them home stopping briefly to bombard one of our buoys in a pond near the youth hostel with pebbles from the beach at Screapadale. All in all a very rewarding if not tiring day.

Talking of being wrecked

As I was in charge of party, wife was in charge of pig feeding tonight and had to laugh at Shona and Jamie Lea the two ‘Old spot’ sows. These two girls are delightful but just aren’t built for serious free ranging, I’m not sure if they get lost out on the hill or just carried away grubbing about in the woods but whatever it is when they do finally get home they are completely shattered, Tuesday it was 10pm before they showed up and tonight Jamie Lea just went straight to her bed without even going to the trough and Shona turned up around 7:30 looking like she’d run a marathon. Whereas the Tamworths are much leaner and faster the ‘Old spots’ are a seriously laid back pig, more of an armchair kind of pig.

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