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June 21, 2008

The longest day?

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The truth is I’m not very sure if it is or not and as my dial up is painfully slow, it’s after 11:00 and I’m just in from work I can’t be bothered googling to find out. All I know is it felt like it as I left the house at 6:30 this morning and have only just returned. Still it’s been a far better day here than the rest of the country and I did manage to fit 2 new tyres to the old girl and load up my water bowser.

Now anywhere else and you’d just go to your nearest tyre dealer and that would be it but this is Raasay and getting ‘BF Goodrich’ 33×12.50×15″ tyres is impossible on Skye. I could get them in Dingwall but that’s 100 miles away so I got them from     Paddock Spares – Land Rover, Range Rover Parts & Accessories – Discovery, Defender and Freelander for a good price and fitted them myself. I’ve got this tyre changing business down to a fine art with all the punctures I get on ‘Calum’s road’ first thing I do is screw the old spare wheel bracket that used to be on the rear door to the pier. Then I slip the wheel over it, take out the tyre valve put the Land Rover in low ratio then drive over the tyre.

Once the bead is broken you can ease the tyre off with a couple of medium sized screw drivers with very little effort. washing up liquid, soap or even just a little water helps get the new tyre back on the rim with even less effort than removing the old one. Once the tyre is on the rim blow it up before you re fit the valve as this will help the air get in faster so it seals on the rim easier. If you can’t get it to seal put one of those ratchet straps around the tyre, tighten up as much as possible and then blow it up. Though to be honest I’ve only ever had to resort to this with quad tyres.

The road home

With my new rear tyres fitted, my water bowser full and the ferry safely tied up for the night I headed back up ‘Calum’s road’ seeing geese, deer, lapwings and a magnificent sky

This was taken from ‘Calum’s road’ at Tarbert looking over Loch Arnish towards Brothers point on Skye and beyond to the hills behind Staffin

And this 10 mins later looking the same direction but from up the boys tree house.

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