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June 20, 2008

A bench for Calum Tom

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There’s been some fearsome showers today but on the whole it’s been a bonny day, again my day at work has been a battle with stores and advice notes so I thought a wee run to the harbour might provide me with inspiration.

It was on my way there that this fine new bench caught my eye as I’d spotted it on the roof of a car on the ferry the other day. However I pressed on to the harbour construction site as I’d not been there for a few days.

Slim was still busy with the 40 ton digger and the causeway top was looking very nice and flat.

You can enlarge these by clicking on them, as I’m on a pitiful dial up connection it takes me ages to upload them as it is. Any more time spent on here and I would be an ex husband! The temporary jetty had a nice slope on the end now so the landing craft could work off the end of it more rock was arriving by barge for infilling the steel containers. As my 30min break was rapidly coming to an end I rushed off to check out the bench.

Poor Calum died last year in a tragic accident when a ladder he was on broke and whilst I didn’t know him very well I’d often see him waking along the avenue near this very spot. So I stopped a while and spent the last 5 mins of my lunch break admiring the view from his lovely bench.

Situated as it is just by the church where he regularly worshiped I’m sure he would have approved.

Another lifeboat launch

Fridays is fish day and the lunchtime ferry is when ‘Bruchie’ comes over with his van. Me being a bit of a ‘fishaholic’ as in eating and not catching am always the first in the back of his van when he gets on the ferry. Once I’d deposited my freshly purchased hot smoked salmon, haddock, smoked haddock and halibut in the fridge I went up to relieve Iain the skipper so he could buy some. It was whilst up in the wheelhouse I heard Stornoway coastguard speaking to Mallaig life boat. The ‘Elizabeth G’ of had struck a rock to the north of Rhum and was taking in water. The 13 persons on board where now in a liferaft and the lifeboat was on it’s way. They then started working on channel zero a dedicated coastguard vhf channel and I heard no more. Being a nice enough day I’m sure all was well.

Pure mayhem

As I’ve probably mentioned on many occasions, pigs are a bit obsessed by their grub and at the moment we have 5 lots to feed, Ginger the boar who’s no trouble, Bramble and her 11 wains who must be fed first or she’s over the fence. Braken and her 7 newly born piglets, she’s no bother and she’s a bit pre occupied anyway. That leaves Shona and Jamie Lea the 2 ‘Old spot’ gilts out on the hill at the back of the croft and the remaining 12 spotty piglets out on the hill at the front of the croft. The 12 spotty piglets on the hill somehow managed to get on the wrong side of a fence and instead of looking for the open gate tried the straight line route through the fence, luckily the fence withstood the onslaught and eventually they sussed it out but it took a while. All this hilarity set off the two Old spots at the back of the croft who then seemed to catch the mass fence charging hysteria in another field. Fortunately they were pure knackered as it was their first day of freedom and they’d wandered for miles returning to the croft at a snails pace like they’d just run a marathon. Eventually everyone was fed, in the right field and peace was restored to the valley at South Arnish.

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