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June 19, 2008

A busy spell for the lifeboat

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There was me not going to bother posting today because nothing had happened all day. Well that’s not true it’s been a busy day on the ferry but it’s revolved manly around paper work and putting stores away so as I’m thinking that most people would find ‘bolts M8 x 35’, ‘oil filter, main engine DDD450’ etc, etc very dull so I thought I’d spare you the details. Then I’m driving home when I see the Portree lifeboat leaving the harbour, it’s 4 miles away but there’s no mistaking the huge wake behind the tall blue and orange shape of the ‘Stanley Watson Barker’ traveling at 25knots. The Portree lifeboat seems to have had a busy couple of weeks, she was out recently to Raasay to evacuate a young boy with a badly broken arm. I saw her heading north on Sunday I know not where and I think she was out on Tuesday also. I was doing the school/water run in the morning when I saw one of the Kyle trawlers tied onto the navy mooring at Brochel, as it was a jabbly kind of day to be tied up in such an exposed spot I stopped for a squint through the bin’s thinking that she probably had mechanical problems. It was not until the following day that I found out that a fisherman had sadly died on board and as I saw both the coastguard helicopter and lifeboat later on it all began to make sense.  So it was the third time I’d seen the lifeboat out in 5 days and judging by her course once she got into the sound it looked like she was heading for Raasay. At the time I saw her I was about 4 miles from home and she almost beat me there!

Just as I arrived at Tarbert in Loch Arnish she was clearing Manish point.

And a few moments later she was at the old fish farm slip and after putting a casualty ashore to ‘rescue’ she headed out to sea.

I’d phoned home to tell wife and child what was going on and they all came running down to watch and have a wee chat with the most amused ‘casualty’ before going home to a nice piece of pot roasted Raasay venison!

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