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June 18, 2008

Didn’t she do well?

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It’s a been a busy old day for the first day back on the ferry, Braken had two more piglets during the night bringing her total to 7.

Braken is a lovely Tamworth sow and this will be her 2nd litter to Ginger our Tamworth boar, when she’s with other pigs she’s really bossy and quite bitchy but she’s fine with people and seems to enjoy a good chat and a pet. With the pigs checked I set off for work towing my little water bowser behind me, the day flew by as we were quite busy and I’m pretty wrecked now after emptying my bowser so I’m just going to leave you with.

A rainbow over ‘Toms castle’ at Rubh na Cloich and

The solitary mackeral fisherman and ‘Kingston Lacy’

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