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June 17, 2008

Free at last

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The UK Wind Map was spot on today and it was hard to believe there was a water shortage as it was pretty wet and windy all day. Still, buoyed up with enthusiasm for my water transportation system I did the school run this morning in the ‘old girl’ with the bowser in tow. Once I’d dropped off the boy, filled up my 600lt tank I went for a look over at the new harbour site to see how things were doing. It was a pretty poor day with south ( the worst possible ) wind but they were still working away. Slim was busy in a 40ton Komatsu leveling the causeway out to the temporary jetty.

Whilst the Hitachi 37tonner was busy filling up more containers with rock away at the end.

With my curiosity satisfied I headed north with my precious cargo, deciding to deposit this in my neighbours tank as mine had plenty in for now. However this proved a little more complicated than filling my own, not having an easily portable generator meant I had to find 100m of electrical extensions. Though as my pump was only 170watt it still worked well enough. Initially I set it up to pump from the road but the head was too great for the pump. Normally this would have been a problem as there’s no way I’d have got nearer the tank towing 3/4 of a ton, not now though I just locked my newly fitted ‘ARB air locker’ and crawled up the hill towing my load behind.

As it was going to take the best part of an hour to empty this tank I decided to let the wains out.

There’s ‘free range pork’ and FREE range pork

The wains being the spotty pigs that were weaned last week, the 12 that remain from the two litters have been living quite contentedly in an acre or so with a few trees and rocks. Now they’re all settled and into a feeding routine we set them ‘free’ on the hill. Now you really have to see this to appreciate how callous it is to keep a pig cooped up on concrete with hundreds of others. They seem fine and happy in their wee field but when you let them out into the big wide world you can just see them perk up a couple of notches.

That’s them just checking out the new screen I’ve just fitted to my up and coming hydro scheme. That project was put on hold for a while due to lack of funds but the recent sale of 4 whole pigs should sort that out. The water side is now complete, I’ve got the cable so it’s just a matter of buying a turbine and fitting it.

The first ‘shrooms’

The exceptionally dry weather has meant no mushrooms yet, well no chanterelles at least, we usually have them here end of May or early June but as yet no sign.

Though I did find these 3 fine yellow rusellas.

5 fine piglets (so far)

I was just contemplating bed when the OH suggested going to check on Braken our fine Tamworth sow who’s due any minuet, sure enough there were 5 lovely piglets suckling like mad

and I’m sure there’s more on the way. Sadly there was also a dead wee girl still wrapped in her sack and try as we might we couldn’t revive her.

The ‘age of aquarius’

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I didn’t do a post yesterday, in fact I barely fired up my laptop as I’d spent the whole day sorting out a pump, filling my home made bowser and pumping the water directly into the house water tanks. The house tanks are 2 x 1000lt insulated fish farm bins and are far better than the leaky concrete affair that used to supply the property. They’re easy to clean  not so prone to freezing and of course I found them on the shore so they were free!. For the past week I’ve been carrying drinking water in plastic containers and filling the toilet and washing machine from my home made bowser. This worked fine but involved allot of effort and now my home made bowser has had several lots of water through it I figured that it would be clean enough to use straight from the tanks.

So after spending most of the morning adapting an old electric pump and joining up various lengths of different size hose I got my system working and before long the water was slowly making the 50m journey up to my water tank number 1.

The tanks are connected so eventually the level sorts itself out and i managed to get well over 1200lts into them. So it was baths all round last night though we are not yet at the stage of flushing the loo for number ones! Now I’ve got this system set up it should work quite well as I can fill the bowser at work then pump it into the house tank at night when I get home.

The evening was spent with friends over some pork and red wine and that was about it.

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