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June 14, 2008

Piggies away

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Between the half bottle of red wine I’ve just drunk in celebration of getting rid of one third of our spotty weaners in one day and the fact that I started writing todays happenings this morning on yesterdays post I’m somewhat confused as to where I am!! Anyway we managed to catch an extra piglet this morning, of course this one had projectile diahorea which meant a change of clothes before heading off for the 9:00 ferry.

I tie a gate in the corner of the field, feed them in there then close the field gate behind them, whilst the wee darlings are eating it’s quite easy to sex them and lift them out into a smaller pen made of pallets our as was the case this morning straight into the fish farm float in the Land Rover. When I arrived at Sconser guess what my mate was using to transport his pigs in.

That’s right a trusty fish cage float but instead of on old cot he’d used a piece of trawl netting off the shore for a lid. With 4 unloaded with only a minor pig sh1t incident we headed for with the other 2. Patti used to keep pigs herself  but now finds the llamas, goats, Soay sheep, highland cattle, rabbits, ducks, buzzards, eagle owls, parrots and a seagull enough work especially with the holiday cottages and chalets.

So these chaps were destined for the freezer and instead of coming away with £60 for 2 weaners I left with £60 worth of credit for some Soay sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve always fancied some of these ‘low maintanance’ sheep, Originally from St Kilda they cast their wool so don’t require shearing (which I hate) they’re very hardy, not prone to all the usual sheep ailments and whilst only being small they do produce a very tasty meat so we’re going back in a couple of weeks to pick some up.

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