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June 13, 2008

Back to school

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Well it’s been a busy day but it’s now 23:40 and I’m off to bed after spending almost 2 hours messing about with my modem to get back on the internet. I finally got it sorted with major assistance from Willy Eyre over the phone but now my ear’s roasting my eyes are closing and we’ve a busy day ahead tomorrow delivering pigs and taking boy swimming so I’ll tell you all about the terrifying ordeal in front of primary 3, the ARB compressor and the 5 wee boys who wee’d on me tomorrow.

And just in case your wondering here are the 5 boys in question!

Well I must have been tired as I didn’t wake until 6:00am! and it looks like a bonny day ahead according to

UK Wind Map which is just as well as we have some pigs to catch and deliver, I’d sorted 5 nice wee boys out yesterday but another has been requested so I’m going to put some waterproofs on this time incase one of them decides to pee allover me again as it’s not an aroma that’s very pleasant we are still in the middle of a water shortage and I’ve already had my quota of baths this week!. However the peeing piglet was at the end of the day the beging was spent under the bonnet of the ‘Old girl’

Fitting an ARB compressor

You may recall last week I fitted an air operated locking rear diff to my Land Rover to assist with my occasional forays into mud or deep snow. We actually get very little snow at Arnish but the road down to the village often gets blocked with drifting snow and a couple of years ago not even the snow plough could get up here for 6 days! I did manage every day in the Landy by dropping the tyre pressures to 15 psi and driving like an idiot but it was a very stressful experience and took me an hour each way. With a locked rear axle I’d have arrived at the ferry a bit sooner and a lot fresher. The compressor is actuated by an on board compressor which you can also use to blow up your tyres and I spent the whole morning mounting it under the bonnet on a stainless steel bracket that I picked up at the ‘Howard Doris’ yard at Kishorn over 20 years ago as I just new it would come in handy eventually!

That’s it just behind the black box that says Warn and whilst I got the thing mounted to my satisfaction I’d no time to fit the switch as I’d been booked to give a lecture at ‘Raasay Primary’, Well that’s something of an exaggeration on my part. I was going in to give primary 3 a little talk about Italy being as how I’d lived there for a while when I was younger. Though I don’t think the teacher realised it was the 1950s and despite having been back a few times I’m certainly no expert on the subject. Still I did learn a few things whilst researching it on the internet the day before, I took some photo’s in on my laptop, a jar of olives, some mozzerela, a salami and some olive oil and somehow managed to hold their attention for a whole hour!

And now I must go and catch some piglets!

After my ordeal with primary 3 I headed home stopping briefly to chat with some loafers at Brochel who were sitting down on the job instead of ‘marking the lambs’!

That’s Niel, Christine, Cuddy, Roddy and Brathain and as you can see they’re hard at it, well actually they were but they’d just stopped briefly to hurl abuse at me and trade some pork for beef! ( though if Niel reads this I’ll probably end up with a bit of shin! )

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