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June 12, 2008

A perfect laundry day

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It’s a sure sign of old age when you start to get excited at the prospect of doing some washing but life here at the north end is seldom straight forward and most things even the laundry are affected by the weather. We do have a tumble drier but it’s not the drying that’s been the problem, it’s the water or lack of it to be precise. As we’ve been almost out of water since Sunday the washing has been piling up but today that all changed. The ‘school run’ became the ‘water run’  and I headed down ‘Calum’s road’ with my new water bowser. Well the old fish cage float that I’d modified yesterday into a 600lt tank.

The tank just fitted nice as you like in the trailer and was nicely positioned over the axle so despite it’s weight it was quite easy to man handle. With boy deposited at school, tank full of ‘Scottish waters’ finest diluted bleach, I mean water I headed home into a nice freshening northerly breeze, perfect drying weather and a good direction for the wind turbine. The north wind is a good steady, clean wind blowing as it does unobstructed over the sea with nice steady cool dense air.

Once home I plumbed the new bowser straight onto the washers cold inlet and fired it up. It worked a treat and with the wind driving our ‘Proven 2.5kw’ wind turbine we did 5 washes, some toast, a pasta bake and some black pudding in the microwave without the diesel generator starting!

At this point I must give a plug to Ritchie’s of Aultbea’s black pudding as it’s delicious. The Stornoway black pudding is lovely but personally I prefer the big lumps of fat in this one as it reminds me of a lancashire black pudding and an Italian matadella ( haven’t a clue how to spell it ) BIG LUMPS OF FAT, yuk I can hear you say, well I’m sorry but I love a nice bit of fat having been raised on pork dripping and salt on toast! I know it’s a miracle I’m not dead yet and I’ve been 10 and a half stone since I was about 18 but then I don’t eat much sugar and I can’t sit still.

More uses for fish cage floats

I really don’t think I could manage on an inland croft as most of my projects seem to involve something that’s washed up on the shore or been discarded by a fish farm. As we’ve just sold 5 of our weaners I thought it would be good to make up some kind of cage to transport them in. I’d seen these fibreglass or plastic cat and dog kennels and whilst they seemed perfect for a couple of weaners they were a bit pricey. Whenever we’ve bought stock in I’ve used our trailer and apart from the cost on the ferry it’s always struck me as being a bit big to have a few piglets in. So it was off down to the shore to recover the other fish cage float I’d found last week. This was an oblong one that just fitted nicely in the back of the Land Rover so I set about converting it into a piglet transporter with the aid of an old cot of my boys and a pallet from the village hall.

It took me all day right enough and I’d probably have been better off doing something profitable and buying one but I was well pleased with the result

It’s water tight, got a door at each end and a removable dividing wall to help with catching/containing the wee rascals. So now I can add ‘piglet/dog/cat transporter to my long list of uses for fish cage floats which include, coal bunker, acid bath, hen house, turbine house, lawn mower garage, wash tub, water tank, diesel tank, boat (yes really), duck pond, sledge, rope bin, van liner, and I’m sure there will be many more. but now I’m off to bed!

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