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June 10, 2008

Rain at last!

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Well it was more damp than wet, probably a downpour by south of England standards but just a few drops by west coast reckoning. The UK Wind Map had been spot on and whilst we now have a couple of inches in our tanks the washing machine and bath are a long way off yet and for now I’m carrying around 60lts a day in containers from the ferry slip. I’ve just checked the  UK Wind Map again this morning at 5:00am and it’s showing a bit of dampness tonight and early tomorrow morning, then after that nothing! So long as the supply to the pigs doesn’t dry up I can live with it as this weather is just fantastic with almost 2 months of sunshine it’s going to be a bumper year for apples and plums. We have quite a few apple trees and get very little off them as rule but this year there’s fruit on trees that have never produced in the 19 years I’ve lived here! Though the dryness seems to have delayed the chanterelles which are usually out here by the last week in May.

Anyway I didn’t post yesterday cos I was pure wrecked and went to bed without even firing up ‘Lister’ ( that’s the name of my laptop ) though why I chose to call this piece of crap that is a ‘Fujitsu Siemens, Amilo 3438g’ after one of the worlds most reliable engines is a bit of a mystery. Sure it’s got a screen the size of a multiplex but what use is that if it won’t connect to the internet because it’s own internal modem is crap and I have to use an external one the size of a brick! Due to our distance from the exchange it’s own modem wont work, the modem on my IBM works fine and the modem on our desk top works fine but the one in this piece of rubbish is US and it took me 2 months to get it to work with no help at all from their so called helpline. Basically because the laptop worked fine everywhere but our house they said there was nothing wrong with it. Now as I get this kind of crap off everyone from BT to people that advertise ‘free delivery’ I can accept that after all I did chose to live in the middle of nowhere but they point blank refused to even help or advise me of anyway around the problem despite spending well over a £1000 on this piece of sh1t. It’s also developed 3 vertical tram lines down the screen but I can’t be bothered with the aggro just now, perhaps I’ll phone them at the next full moon!

As far as the days doings go well it was just a case of finishing off the weekly maintainance and starting the monthly with very little of excitement to report. The ‘Ronja Commander’ was working at the Braes fish farm and her sister ship was the ‘Ronja Pioneer’ was working up loch Ainort and a lovely sight they would have made if I could have caught them on camera together but the mist and rain made it impossible.

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