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June 5, 2008

She’s seen it all

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I’ve never really seen the attraction of pornography, well apart from a brief period in my teens before I had a girl friend. Though I’ve always had a soft spot for mermaids, however these two that guard the Raasay battery could not be described as attractive by any stretch of the imagination! Supposedly commissioned by and responsible for the bankrupting of the last Macleod of Raasay House they’ve lain like a couple of sphynx’s watching over the entrance to the Raasay narrows for around 200 years and I wonder how many schoolboys have polished their forward facing assets in that time!

and I’ve just noticed it looks like she’s got a pole sticking out of her head but that’s a flag pole in the background.

Anyway I have to go now so I’ll finish this tomorrow!

Well it’s now tomorrow 5:27am and it’s taken me half an hour to get on the internet so I’m somewhat wound up and have lost the thread slightly. Anyway what I was trying to say was that whatever you think of the mermaids they must have seen it all with their fine vista. Though I doubt they’ve seen anything like the activity that’s going on now since the old iron ore mine was working almost a hundred years ago because activity there is in abundance.

The place was certainly buzzin today the four amigos Hooky, Twiggy and Popeye ( I know that’s only three but I can’t remember number fours name yet as it’s still before 6:00am! ) were going flat out making the causeway out to the temporary jetty. I am still in awe at the amount of rock that 4 men with 2 diggers and 2 trucks can shift. The long reach digger on the barge was filling the empty containers with the 450 ton of rock in the grey barge. Another tug was bringing more infill from Kishorn.

Whilst all this was going on and the tide was ebbing these guys from ‘Crushrock’ were preparing for tonights big bang.

Which is for a 3 or 4m deep trench for the rock armour to sit in and by all accounts, having spoke to several folk in the know they are very good at their job. They were due to fire at 7:30 on Thursday night but the thought of two pork chops from Hoppalong Sally the pig I butchered a couple of weeks ago meant meant that I didn’t stick around to see it!

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