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June 4, 2008

Another big bang

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It’s only going to be a short post today because I’m pure shattered after my first day back at work. Not that life is particularly hard or demanding on the ferry just that I didn’t sleep very well last night. I never do after a holiday or before Santa Clause comes to visit! something that I’ve never quite grown out of so after a night of mad dreams about not being able to find the engines to start them and crashing into the pier at Sconser it’s been a pretty tiring day. Though I did draw immense pleasure from driving down ‘Calum’s road’ with my new rear disc brakes and shinny back axle, though I’d have been even happier if there’d been some traffic behind me to admire it! Mind you that would have been a first in, 19 years I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone behind me in the morning. Arriving at the slip just after 7:00 and in time to see ‘Eileen na Mhaill’ unloading two pick up trucks.

This ex MoD landing craft is doing allot of the humping and carrying for ‘Balfour Beatty’ and ‘Atlas Marine’ the main contractors for the new harbour and despite her small size can ( I think ) carry 100ton which is probably the weight of 2 tanks. Anyway today she was carrying 2 4x4s containing explosives, though I suppose she’s done plenty of that with the MoD.

Later on in the day the ‘Kingston Lacy’ arrived with a barge full of rock and more containers with the tops cut off for the making of the temporary jetty.

Though she spent the rest of the day hanging around as it was either too windy or the tide was too low.

This must be a wind up!

They did one firing last week but I missed it being as I was on holiday but there’s another due tomorrow at 19:30 as we were officially notified on the ferry about the various siren soundings and what they meant. I was also informed by one who was told by one who is in the know that someone is going around Churchton bay in a boat with a £5000 seal scarer!!!!!! before the event. Now I find this difficult to believe as I’ve never seen a seal in the vicinity of the new harbour. The seals much prefer to dodge bullets at the local fish farms where they have a licence to shoot them. Like I said this could well be a ‘wind up’ but as the project has already been held up by a sick buzzard and a possible otter holt that turned out not to be an otter holt then it wouldn’t surprise me. The world has gone mad, it’s OK to drag clam dredges back and forwards for years on end destroying everything in their path but we’ll spend thousands and delay a multi million pound weather dependent project because a seal may get headache! Now don’t get me wrong I love seals and have had many wonderful encounters with them when diving, I love otters and have fed one by hand and I get immense pleasure from watching buzzards but you do have to get these things into perspective.

And after that wee rant I’m off to bed

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