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June 3, 2008

The holiday’s over!

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After 3 glorious weeks on the croft it’s back to the ‘Loch Striven’ and work tomorrow so it’s been pretty hectic here trying to get everything finished. I must be getting pretty tired as it was after 7:00 when I awoke today and the first thing I did was make a list of things to do.

1 fit axle, then I could drive to work tomorrow.

2 take boat ashore, second on list but a job for high tide at 7:00pm

3 check solar panels, run over to Torran and check all was well with yesterdays wiring.

4 make trough. Brambles 11 wains were needing a trough making before I went back to work.

5 sort out water supply to garden, it seems to have dried up.

6 retrieve treasure, well it might only be old fish boxes and plastic floats to you but to me it’s raw materials for up and coming projects and the stuff in question was still lying just above the high water mark where I’d left it on Sunday.

With list done I went to feed everyone only to find that some of Bramble’s wains were visiting Jamie Lea and her wains, of course whilst they were there they decided to have a wee drink!

They’re half the size and a different colour but I think Jamie Lea has got enough with 11 of her own so if this persists I’ll have to close the gap up in the gate where they squeeze through.

After feeding and watering 34 hungry mouths I got stuck into the ‘old girls’ back axle and by 2:30pm I was back on the road feeling somewhat pleased with myself. Two and a half years I’ve been rebuilding this axle with it’s locking rear diff and disc brakes and today it was finally in. It was quiet, no oil leaks and the rear disc brakes were far superior for dragging heavy loads up and down ‘Calum’s road’

After testing that and clearing up I set about the rest of my list, The solar panels were fine, I managed to get a limited supply going to the garden after clearing out the well. I didn’t actually retrieve my fish cage floats, buoys and fish boxes but I did move them out of harms way and pick up a nice bit of plastic pipe that would make a nice trough.

So after clamping it to my ‘Black and decker workmate’ well fastening it to my quad with a ratchet strap I carefully marked it and split it down the middle with a jig saw. I joined the two halves together with a short length of round fence post screwed into the plastic. chopped another 12″ length of round post in half to stop the ends then screwed a piece of pallet wood on each end to stop it rolling about.

The 11 wains were well impressed!

Which just left the boat and with that done I called it a day.

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