Life at the end of the road

May 31, 2008

Flotsam and jetsam

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It’s been a busy day at the north end today despite the rolling sea mist. This cold mist that can linger for days at this time of year has been hanging around all day and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d had none of it at the south end of Raasay. There’s just been a light northwesterly all day to keep the dreaded midge away and it’s either been cool in the mist or roasting in the sunshine all day. The conditions were however perfect for a bit of beach combing and after the usual round of feeding that’s just what we did, though this morning I did have to alter my feeding round somewhat. I usually feed Bramble first as she gets a bit frantic and has been known to climb over the odd fence to get ahead of the queue however today there were 9 wee piglets waiting for me by the feed store so I elected to deal with them first.

Though wee Arthur would not leave my side until I fed her separately, I’m really gonna struggle parting with this wee pig as she’s such a cutie and is constantly wanting her belly rubbed.

Off to sea

With all the animals fed off we went to sea in search of treasure.

Complete with midge protection as the sun had not yet sent them to wherever they go during the hottest part of the day. The first stop was at the west side of Fladda where a 13m long length of 250mm pipe was lying.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this but I’m sure it will come in useful for something, I dragged it down the beach and then we towed it round to Loch Arnish where it looked like some kind of sea monster following us!

Once that was safely put ashore we turned our attention to the south side of the loch where I knew there was a large round fish cage float that would do as a base for my hydro turbine. Unfortunately we got distracted by loads of other fish boxes, floats, stock board, fish cage pipe and wood so the float will have to wait until tomorrow as we were all getting pretty hungry and had to rush home for lunch.

Fitting the solar PV array

After lunch I set about making a temporary mount for my mates solar panels. These will eventually be mounted on his slate roof but as the roof needs a bit of work doing on it I decided to make a mount on top of his coal bunker for the time being. It’s not ideal as the angle is a bit steep and it will be shaded in the evening but it seems daft to let all this sunshine go to waste. They are 2x80watt 12v panels and I’m dead envious as they just look beautiful. We made up a rough frame from that most ubiquitous thing, the humble pallet and then fastened it on top of his coal bunker.

And with a bit of luck I’ll get it wired up tomorrow.

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