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May 29, 2008


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Really I am as I’ve nothing to report today other than I’ve been stuck in my workshop all day fiddling with my backlash and preload! Boffiny ( thanks for that word Kyla ) type stuff related to the ‘ARB locking differential’ that I’m fitting to the ‘Old girl’. Of course before I did any of this I had to go and feed my wee darlings and I’m still gobsmacked by the different temperaments of the three litters. Jamie lea’s 11 are rarely in their field  and keep popping up miles ( well several hundred yards ) from home.

This is 7 of them grubbing round the old genny shed at 7:00am, the other 4 were with mum. Last night I saw a bunch of them run past the kitchen window! so who knows where they’ll be in the morning. All three litters are still small enough to crawl under the gates but the other two seldom bother prefering mums company but not this lot they’re into everything!

Back down the coal mine

Well at least that what it felt like I’d been after I emerged from my workshop after 6 hours on my knees with a dial gauge, crow bar, hammer, micrometer  and pack of shims.

Though before I did any of that I had to drill and tap a 1/4 BSP hole in the axle casing for the air supply. The picture in the instructions about whereto do this is not very clear but this is a good spot, just make sure you can get a socket on the new fitting afterwards. I stuffed the casing with rags then hoovered it out to make sure no swarf got in he oil. With that done it was hours of messing about fitting and removing the carrier and it’s bearings with various combinations of shims to get the correct ‘preload’ (pressure on the bearings) and ‘backlash’  (movement in the gears). It’s not actually that difficult but my eyesight has got so bad that I was struggling to make sense of my Imperial micrometer, metric vernier, imperial shims, imperial dial gauge and metric manual!!!!! but somehow I managed

and emerged into the sunlight in time to get my boy from footie practice.  After which I had to make dinner light the fire and lots of other domestic stuff and once the household was sorted and quiet I went out to savor the evening.

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