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May 24, 2008

A very long day

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What a peach of a day it’s been, as usual I was up with the sun which today was 4:45! and I got on with dressing a crab and lobster. I even took some pics and started a post so I’ll stick it on here when I’ve finished it. There was planting to be done today with the last of the beans and sweetcorn going in so me being more of the ‘black fingered’ than ‘green fingered’ type went to Kyle on swimming lesson duty. I was sick of grubbing about under the Land Rover any way so a bit of boat spotting in Kyle would be a nice change. With the swimming and shopping done we popped down to the harbour to watch the ‘Red Duchess’ being loaded with timber.

Then just as we were about to leave this ‘well boat’ passed by, I couldn’t make out the name but I’m sure I saw it heading to Portree a couple of weeks ago.

There were also yachts galore as if there was a race or regatta on but we had to dash off for the lunchtime ferry stopping briefly on the shore at Loch Ainort to watch the Ronja Pioneer at work on the ‘Marine Harvest’ site there.

Back under the Land Rover

We just squeezed on the ferry which was almost full of cars, a camper and 4 or 5 motor bikes. Though had I not been in the OHs wee car we’d have been left behind. Once on the ferry I was informed that a parcel had arrived which turned out to be my parts for the ‘old girl’ so that was the rest of my day sorted and as the parts were new and shiny I was quite happy to get back to work on her.  The parcel was from Paddock Spares – Land Rover, Range Rover Parts & Accessories – Discovery, Defender and Freelander and consisted of a twin front shocker mounting kit and 4 front shockers. As I’ve said before ‘Calum’s road’ and the rest of the single track that takes me the 11 miles to the ferry has pretty much destroyed the suspension and tyres on every vehicle I’ve owned and I’m still searching for the perfect combination of springs and shockers. So far the ‘Scrapiron racing’ springs were the best ride but didn’t last despite their claims of a ‘lift that lasts’ and worthless lifetime gaurantee. The ‘Britpart’ are holding up well and after 2 years are exactly the same height as when fitted but they are as hard as hell and whilst this was perfectly acceptable with the ‘Koni’ dampers they were shot within a couple of years so now I’m trying 4 ‘Pro comps’ on the front.

Though before I even got home to start fitting them I went down to the new harbour site to watch the dredger working.

I didn’t stay long as the mermaid seemed to have the best seat and I wanted to fit my shockers. However I only managed one side before I had (by popular demand) to go out fishing. The good fresh bait we used yesterday had paid dividends with 2 fine lobsters and some bonny crabs.

We put rubber bands around the claws ( courtesy of Royal Mail! ) to stop them fighting then put them in a ‘store creel’ for consumption at a later date. The crabs I took home for cooking,

They will keep for months like this so long as they are away from fresh water and a silty sea bed. By the time all that was done it was 7:30 and we’d not even had dinner yet. So that was It all in all a vary busy day.

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