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May 22, 2008

4am and all’s well

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It’s 4am and already the dawn chorus has started, I’m afflicted with not being able to stay in bed at the best of times but last nights early sleep coupled with the fine May weather meant I was up at 3:30 this morning dying to get stuck back into my Landrover (is that sad or what). A quick trip outside in the half light before dawn to be set upon by clouds of hungry midgies decided me to sit at the laptop instead and try and find some Land Rover parts on line. Though with the speed of my dial up connection driving to Inverness is sometimes quicker! After what seemed like an age, well it was 3 hours I gave up in my quest for genuine ‘Polybush’ front radius arm bushes and went to feed the pigs.

Bramble her football team and the hens were waiting for me but all the others were still in bed, though the sound of the feed bucket soon woke them. It’s hard to believe those wee grubbers are only 5 days old the speed they run about and the mischief they get up to.

That old Land Rover again

I did the morning school run accompanied by my trailer to pick up some weaner pellets for the piglets and a compressor for spraying ‘Waxoyl’ in my chassis. I also had on board the piece of ‘Scorpion Racing’ scrap iron that is my n/s/f radius arm for D.M.Macleod the Raasay engineer to weld as my MIG welder isn’t man enough and I wanted it doing right. Donald’s house and business is for sale, it’s a great opportunity for someone and he’ll be sorely missed.

A few minuets later I left with my welded radius arm and Donald had a crab and lobster staring at each other in the kitchen sink! fair exchange I’d say though I don’t suppose any prospective buyer would find that particular transaction on his books! Once home I set about glossing the chassis. I used to be of the mind that covering everything in underseal was the way to go but now I prefer (after removing all the underseal) dilligent regular power washing then shiny black gloss as I find that the mud and cr4p doesn’t stick to it the same, though I still use the ‘Waxoyl’ underseal inside the chassis, doors, bulkhead, etc. I’d primed and undercoated yesterday so today it was just a coat of gloss and that was the front half of the chassis finished.

Raasay Primary goes green

This took me nicely to 2:00pm when we set off down to the school for a little rendition by the pupils, some tea and home made cakes and to officially meet the new head teacher.  The children played various solos on the tin whistle, clarsach and chanter followed by the entire nurseries enthusiastic singing of ‘Baa, baa black sheep’ and ‘I’m a dingle dangle scare crow’, you just had to be there it was priceless! The entire school ably  assisted by Alicia the new head then played something very ‘Harry Potterish’ before we all tucked into our cakes. Alicia also explained that the school has been put forward as an ‘eco’ school so the pupils can help do things to make the school and their lives more environmentally friendly. I know I’ve not put that over very well but it’s allot for a slightly deaf pentogenarian (is there such a word) to take in. Any I’m right behind it and so is my family. With my head in a spin from all the excitement at the school I almost forgot that I’d to go and visit Donald with the other radius arm.

Scorpion Racing really suck

Scorpion Racing – Suppliers of Fast, Extreme On and Off Road Road Products

Upon cleaning up the o/s radius arm I noticed some minute cracks but what was really scary about these was that they were full of zinc from when I’d had them galvanized, which was not long after I bought them so I can only assume that they were cracked from new! I know I should get in touch with them but every time I do it ends up costing me money in postage and packing (usually more than the products worth) I’ve tried phoning dozens of times and have written 3 times to the MD but not even received an acknowledgment.

You can see the welds on the back and front of each eye on the right. The shockers are koni’s supplied by Scrapiron at a grossly inflated price ( you can get the same ones from paddock £30 cheaper for each one!!!) despite being over two years old they were only fitted in June last year and have only done 10k  but you try telling them that. I did get one replaced but it ended up costing me as much as a new one from

Paddock Spares – Land Rover, Range Rover Parts & Accessories – Discovery, Defender and Freelander

Which just goes to show never trust anyone with a flash website that has no prices on and will not give you an email address!

And after that wee rant I need to calm down so what better way than with

some quality pig time!

4 lobsters,3 crabs and a pork shoulder

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Well it’s been another peachy day here on Raasay and unfortunately for allot of readers I spent most of it under the ‘old girl’.

And the day was just perfect for it blazing sunshine and a nice breeze to keep the wind turbine turning and the midge away but not enough wind to affect the shielding gas on my MIG welder. As the first thing I noticed upon diligent scraping and banging of her chassis was a small hole behind the front n/s spring support.

Though I soon had a patch welded over it after first cutting out a cardboard template to the right shape. With the hole sorted I got on with scraping and painting the rest of the front end of the chassis and the front axle. In between coats of primer and under coat I got on with replacing the front n/s hub oil seal which was spraying oil and grease onto my brake disc.

With that all cleaned up I fitted new gaiters to the swivel housings and to be honest they are a waste of time and I don’t know why I bother as they only last a couple of years at the most. They come in a kit and have a split in them, the idea being that you wrap the gaiter around the axle then glue it together with the glue provided. Me I’ve always glued them in the comfort of the garage a few days before then taken the swivel off to fit them as it’s quite fiddly and a recipe for super glued fingers around the axle if you ask me!

As Bramble my hormonal pig who seems to be off men at the moment is living just a few feet away with her 11 wains I made a point of spending a bit of time with her in between coats of paint and her mood does seem to have improved though I still wouldn’t put myself between her and her wee darlings.

A good evenings fishing

By the time I’d made dinner and eaten it was quite late and VERY midgie but as the boat was on the mooring and the tide high we decided to quickly wiz out and lift the creels. They’ve been down about 10 days baited with one of Jacks shoulders ( Jack being the pig that was in our freezer ) as I’m hopeless at catching fish for bait. After lifting the first and finding nothing I was not hopeful but the second had this beauty in

the third was again empty but the fourth had two in and the fifth another with some bonny crabs to boot.

And after all the excitement we all went off home and straight to bed!

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