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May 20, 2008

The annual re fit

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I’ll try and make this as interesting as possible but unfortunately for the majority of readers it will be extremely dull so I apologise in advance. Unless your an avid Landrover enthusiast then I suggest a visit to for the latest goings on over on his croft in Aberdeenshire or for the doings in Devon for TGs blog in Dunbar or is it Dunfermline?

The bits without Landrover

For some reason Bramble our Tamworth sow that just produced 11 fine piglets on Saturday has taken a dislike to me. At first I thought she was just being protective of her wee wains as she really is an exceptional mother but she’s fine with mrs C!!!! It’s only started since yesterday when I took her previous offspring on a one way trip to the abattoir in Dingwall, she’s growled at me a couple of times and today she gave me a warning snap when I went to check a cut in the ear of one of her piglets. So until her mood improves mrs C can deal with her because she knows all about being ‘off men’. So after feeding the herd we went to Portree to stock up with feed as the ‘old girl’ (Landrover) may be in bits for a while and mrs Cs new (to her) car is not yet fit to carry bags of feed (just give it a few months). Just going to Portree for anything pretty much wrecks your day, well it does for me at my age. Our first stop was Harbro our local feed merchant for the remaining 15 bags of feed from the ton we bought a few weeks ago. Charlie The manager there will knock you a few quid off a ton if he can invoice you at the end of the month but will store the feed for you until you can take it. This saves us quite a bit as it means we don’t have the expense of the trailer on the ferry as I can only get 30 bags in the Landrover. So with the feed in the back and a bit of shopping done, well a trip to the Co op car park to see ‘Bruchie’ the local fish man. Bruchie visits Raasay every Friday anyway but I was wanting to see him about some bait for our lobster pots as so far our fishing for any has been fruitless. Of course whilst I was there I couldn’t help but be tempted by his fresh tuna steaks, hot smoked salmon, monk fish tails and prawn tails. With our mission accomplished we managed to get back to Sconser in plenty of time for the 11:20 ferry where I had the pleasure of meeting Rienza and her husband who are  regular visitors to Skye, Raasay and the blog, time tide and the Raasay ferry wait for no man so it was only a brief encounter but mrs C and I came away with a nice bottle of red wine before waving goodbye and boarding the ‘Loch Striven’ by the time you get back it’s almost 1:00pm and you have a cup of tea and a bite to eat and the best part of the day’s gone. Normally I would have just pottered about for the rest of the afternoon painting or cutting rushes but I was determined to make a start on the ‘old girl’ then at least I could order some parts tomorrow.

Let work commence

The first job was to attack the front suspension. The MOTs up on the 12th June and the front end is where most of the problems lie. I knew that I’d a duff shocker, split swivel gaiters and a leaky oil seal but my old girl seems to have been wandering more of late. As 90% of my driving is done on poorly surfaced single track roads some faults don’t become apparent until you hit the smooth straight roads of the mainland. So wearing the appropriate protective clothing I got stuck in.

The latex gloves are for the midges and not the oil! it quickly became apparent that I’d more problems than I thought.

As you can see the bush on the right is deformed because the radius arm has split!

Scorpion racing or ‘Scrapiron’ racing

Now these very expensive parts along with several thousand pounds worth of others over the years were purchased from Scorpion Racing – Suppliers of Fast, Extreme On and Off Road Road Products and I can safely say that their product and service are CR4P. They publish big fancy adverts with no prices, you phone them up and they keep you on hold for ages whilst playing cheesy dance music and charge a fortune for their products. Now I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ but with these guys it’s just not true. I’ve had springs that sagged, springs that broke, shockers that failed, panhard rods that fell apart and radius arms that first bent and now broke. They owe me a refund from 18 months ago in excess of £50 and I’m sick of writing letters to them (they will not give an email address) I’ve tried phoning several times to speak to the once helpful Colin and have now given up because life’s too short and I’m sick of listening to Paul Van Dyke!

The spring broke last year and is supposed to be guaranteed for life but you try getting a new one off them without paying more in postal charges than the spring is worth. One of these springs can be posted for less than a tenner but they charge you about £25 + of course the £10 you’ve lost sending the piece of scrap back!

The orange ones are Scrapiron racing ones and the yellow ones Britpart and whilst most Britpart stuff is cr4p the springs are good and they are cheap. They may not be as comfortable as the orange ones but at least they don’t break!

I was planning on a quick jaunt in the boat but the Dude was not in the mood for fishing after eating half a tuna steak for dinner. My boy loves fishing but hates fish and me be being a miserable old git tries very hard to make him eat it by disguising it. As a rule he likes tuna but I could see that today he was not impressed so I finished it for him. After dinner I went back to my ‘old girl’ and he went back to ‘Springfield’ again if I had my way I’d throw Homer Simpson in the sea along with the TV as i refuse to have anything to do with Rupert friggin Murdoch and Fox. That’s not to say I don’t think it’s very funny it’s just that, well I’ve said before, I’m a little eccentric!

And for all the piggy fans that stuck with my ramblings until the end here’s 3 of Jamie Lea’s piglets stealing her dinner.

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