Life at the end of the road

May 19, 2008

The last supper

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Well that’s it then, our very first home born and reared pigs are off to Dingwall.

The ‘Old girls’ levels and tyre pressures are checked, the spare wheel for the trailer is on board along with all the paper work. The wee darlings had a good feed last night and now it’s a handful of nuts in the back of the trailer and off for the ferry. I’ve done the trip a dozen times and it was getting a little easier until today. All our previous trips have been with pigs we’ve fattened but these 4 beauties were born and raised here at the end of the road and even the Dude ( our 8 year old boy ) commented on it being harder this time.

There and back again

Well it’s been a long day so I’m going to keep it short. The trip in was uneventful apart from being overtaken by this.

Now I’m not easily impressed by flash cars preferring something with more agricultural lines, but the sound of this Lamborghini’s magnificent Italian V12 which drowned out my stereo as he flew past did do the trick!

But then I was just as impressed with this Lambotiny on the way home who saw the Land Rover thought it was mum and chased us down the road for 400yds at 20mph!

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