Life at the end of the road

May 17, 2008

Fine compensation

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Living as I do in paradise I hate being away from home even for a night. After passing two exams last night and now being qualified to transport cattle! as well as pigs and sheep the Dude and I went along the road from Dornie to me mum and dads. Which is why I’m posting this morning and not out on the croft doing piggy stuff because my mum has BROADBAND and I got a bit carried away last night posting pics on the blog. I usually restrict it to 5 per post or it takes me all night, also if I post more it takes me hours to view my own blog! which is why there are only 2 posts per page and why I’m going to stick a couple more pics in here. After a fine meal of pasta made with courgets, wallnuts and cream the Dude and I settled down in front of our screens. Me blogging and him playing ‘Wallace and Grommit’ being a miserable old git I won’t let him have a playstation ( though he does have a gun and a knife! ) as I think they rot the brain and detach people from reality ( told you I was eccentric ) but I don’t mind him playing games on a computer that don’t involve stealing cars or detaching heads from bodies. We both had a fine evening in my mums sun porch watching the sun go down and playing with our computers.

And when all sensible folk had gone to bed this pine marten came and got stuck into some peanuts that my mum had put out.

I spent what seemed like hours watching it in silence through the glass just inches away frightend of making a noise least I disturbed it. When I told me mum in the morning that it had come right up to the window she informed me that it was coming for an egg! apparently if you open the door it will take an egg out of your hand!

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